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Feb The Hudson Valley is such a rich part of the country to visit --- you will never be bored, because there is always something fun and interesting to do! Are you looking for activities in the Westchester & Hudson Valley area? NYNESDAY has the latest guides, stories, photos and more to fill your weekend. It has only four rooms, but ask for one of the two suites overlooking the Hudson River and Catskills. They know what they're doing:

Hudson Valley Activities

Penetrated by the old world's past and charms, Tarrytown is an enticing place for outings, one-of-a-kind shops and historical rides. Be it beautiful countryside and historical villas or rich culture and the fine art, here creative expression flourishes in the midst of inspirational sceneries beyond the vibrancy of New York City. To get out, take a short ride to Manhattan, either by rail or road to Grand Central Station, and visit a Broadway show or walk through Central Park.

Buttertermilk Falls Inn, Milton NY and activities along the Hudson River

HOPE: There is something godly about the rising sun over the Hudson River - all the more so as I watch it from my own personal patio. I' m living in the Winterberry Room at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa, and this easy treat can be yours too, on a day with clear day.

Curved ceilings, a part of the ancient stonewall of the cottage, a natural fire place, quietness, French door to a small decks, that is Hudson Valley deluxe, Hudson Valley tranquility and one of the best ways to get out of town. But, in most cases, do not forget to take a good read and an esteem for livestock, pleasant walks and the easy being.

Stay calm and continue to the left bank of the Hudson Valley. WALK: A refreshing walk (or snowshoeing ) around the Buttermilk Falls Inn estate will reward you with the delights of the riverbank and farming. 1992/GRAVESTONE 1992/gravestone rubbing: There is a small historical cemetery on the premises of Buttermilk Falls next to the resort, which dates back to the times when Leonard Smith ran the estate in mid-1700.

over the Hudson, Highland to Poughkeepsie. On the 1. 28 miles long way across Hudson State Historic Parc - the longest raised footpath in the history of the planet - was once the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge made of iron, which carried the load of up to 3,500 wagons per hour from 1888 to 1974.

As the dominating power in the transport of foreign resources to the east's industry centres, the viaduct declined after almost being demolished by fire in 1974. Turned into a state-owned parkland in autumn 2009, the 212 foot long Hudson River 212 Foot Brigde attracts tens of thousand of hikers, handlers, new mothers, prams and visitors every year.

Bridging music. a 6 Miles Loop Trail that also leads you over the Mid-Hudson Bridg. There you will find "listening stations" for the astonishing and extraordinary "bridge music" of the symphonic musician Joseph Bertolozzi, who used drums and hammer at various points of the bridge, assigning "notes" to each tone and then arranging unbelievably fascinating passages of music.

Bertolozzi was asked to redo this experiment at the Eiffel Tower! If, by accident, you miss the sound at its sources, you can listen to Bertolozzi's sound and buy it here. "Discover the story of the man whose wife and daughter escaped from the Spanish Inquisition and who bought 6,000 acre of Hudson River lands as a trade station.

READ: At the swimming hall in the Buttermilk Falls Inn Spa building. Sure, you can let off steam in the "endless stream" swimming hall, but many visitors take a few books or a stack of abandoned papers and pitch up a tent in one of the deckchairs by the pool to relax and recollect what it' s all about.

35 day ticket per capita, $50 per couple, including swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, use of gowns, entrance to the area. Henry est à la ferme. Stairs from the front of Buttermilk Falls Inn and christened after the owner's boy, it's an outard-back-to-table dinner. Chances are you will see at least a part of your food coming off the floor as you take a route around the house.

Crack Calamari with Serrano Chili flavoured jellied apples ($11.50), Hudson Valley Breast of Chicken Scarpariello fried with wild boar sausage ($23.50) are just two of a series of original meals in this traditional-looking street-side cafe. Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa. The National Geographic "Stay" listing no longer includes the environmentally responsible Buttermilk Falls Inn, which houses the refurbished 1700 cottage with its 75 acre site of abstracted modern architecture, the "secret" hiding place 90 Leagues of Manhattan on the western shore of the Hudson River.

In the 1940s and 1950s, acquired by the famous African educational actress and lead vocalist Dorothy Maynor and her late married Reverend Shelby Rooks (two of whom are called after them ), the former farmstead was bought by property development specialist Robert Pollock and transformed into an 11-room guest house in 2004. You can enjoy your evening teas and a delicious buffet lunch in the winter garden or on the terrace overlooking the canyon.

The price includes a two-hour evening cup of teas with small snacks and a savoury culinary breakfasts on the farms.

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