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Watch a movie in one of the indie cinemas in the area. Benefit from the independent Filmhaus In 2018, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time will return to select major venues around the United States. Celebrated by critics, this Marianne Elliot (Angels in America, War Horse) directing and recorded at the National Theatre in London surprised the audience around the globe by winning seven Oliviers and five Tony Awards®.

However, his investigative work, banned by his dad, took him on a scary trip that turned his life upside down.

The NY Theatre -- Hudson Valley & Catskills

While the temperature is dropping, the possibilities of sitting outside under a starry sky in front of the fireplace in the hinterland of New York are dwindling. A film in one of the independent cinemas around the Hudson Valley and Catskills is one of our favourite wintertimes.

The indie picture-house is a big thing up here. We like Upstater movies, from the famous Woodstock Festival to the Big Eddy Festival to the Hudson Valley International Festival and countless smaller, arcane filmfestivals in between. We' d rather see a feature length feature on the issue of global warming made by someone who just made his kick starter to bring it to an audience, at least in a funk filmhouse that is possessed and run by genuine folks.

Hudson, comté de Columbia : Situated in the busiest little town in the Hudson Valley, Time & Space Limited (TSL) is a non-profit theatre and event location in an old bread shop just a few paces from Warren Street. In the 1990' the entire company relocated to Columbia Street in Hudson and has been a favourite meeting place on site ever since.

The TSL is a short distance from Hudson Riverfront Railway Terminal, but a short call to a cab company and you'll be there in a minutes. The Upstate Films, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County/Woodstock, Ulster County : If there is more than one independent cinema, can an independent cinema still be regarded as an independent one?

But in the case of Upstate Film, the response is definitely yes. In 1972 the first venue of the theatre in Rheinbeck-Dorf was opened as a 16mm film. Now the non-profit organization provides three independent projection panels and has a second site in Woodstock, formerly known as Tinker Street Cinema. But what hasn't really improved is Upstate Films' dedication to showing hard-to-find and documentary film that you can see while poking around on one of the best theatre poopcorn flicks without joking.

UPSTATED FILMS also hosts many screenings of the Woodstock Film Festival, which takes place every autumn. Don't be worried, October will be back before you know it, and you better believe that Upstate Films will show many of the 2016 choices. Woodstock's theatre is on the outskirts of the town, but the trailways stop less than a mile from the Mill Hill Road.

Rhinebeck is nearest to Rhinecliff Amtrak train stop, which requires a cab to Rhinebeck Town and the theatre itself. The Woodstock and Rhinebeck Theatres are both encircled by great dining. Newburgh, Orange County: Situated on the waterside in Newburgh town, in the Yellow Bird Buildings, a former 1925 storehouse, this small, 55-seat, not-for-profit theatre is located on the lake.

It is situated right next to the Newburgh Beacon Ferry Terminals, and that makes it easily reachable without a vehicle (Metro North to Beacon, crossover to Newburgh). Dowing shows one film at a stretch, one hour six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday, of films and documentaries in small editions.

For more theatre and a first feature, see Downing's other theatre, Monroe Cinema, 30 min to Newburgh. Situated in an enclave of dining, retailing and remodeled factories along the Hudson Riverfront in Newburgh. From Beacon take the Metro North and take the boat to Newburgh.

There''s a theatre next to the station, so why is it a vehicle? Otherwise, take the motorway to the Newburgh junction. Or, for a more picturesque ride, take the thruway to U.S. 9W North and see the Hudson River Valley scenery along the way. The Callicoon Theatre, Callicoon, Sullivan County:

Callicoon Historical Theatre is the oldest continuous theatre in Sullivan County. Located in the centre of the town, the theatre is made up of a unique canvas, 380 squares and art-deco installations and detail from the 1940'. Speak about an old-fashioned cinema adventure. The Callicoon shows blockbuster as well as international and independent movies and features an evenings show time and a matinees and eveningshow on Saturday and Sunday.

Turn it into a party and beat the Callicoon Brewing Company for a pinch and a burgers after the film. Take the short-line shuttle from the Port Authority and take it to Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon and call a cab to take you to the town of Callicoon in 10 mins. There are only a few, but there are many others, including the Crandell Theatre in Chatham, the Lyceum Cinemas in Red Hook, New Paltz Cinemas in New Paltz and Roosevelt Theatre in Hyde Park and the Rosendale Theatre in Rosendale.

That hut is a Woodstock house through and through. It' rural and unpretentious, with much nature lighting and much room to design, plus almost a hectare of countryside near the centre of Woodstock. Elwyn Lane, Woodstock[Win Morrison] GMAP. Loving the installations, the brickwork chimney and the authentic installations, as well as the hectare of property in a tranquil tree-lined neighbourhood in the suburb of Newburgh.

Tax: $7,804. 23 Dogwood Hills Road, Newburgh[John J Lease Realty] GMAP.

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