Hudson Valley Millbrook

The Hudson Valley Millbrook

See the Hudson Valley authors at the Millbrook event. More information about the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival can be found at: The tastiest offers in Hudson Valley, if available, are freshly prepared every day.

Joint-medical practice in Millbrook, NY. Receive directions, reports and information for Hudson Valley Mental Health Inc in Millbrook, NY.

Encounter Hudson Valley writers at the Millbrook Series.

Over 60 writers and graphic designers will be presented at the 9th Millbrook Literary Festival. Staged on Saturday at the Millbrook Library on Franklin Avenue, the show will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The writers will sign and talk about their work all days under canvas.

The prizewinning Korean-American writer Min Jin Lee will be discussing her latest novel "Pachinko" in one of several planned lectures. Another writer living in Hudson Valley is Ashley Hurlburt-Biagini, co-author of "In Defiance": Slavery Runaways in New York's Hudson River Valley 1735-1831", as well as young mature writers Suzanne LaFleur and Caron Levis, in a debate on the difficult topics of children's work.

The Hudson Valley Provincial Cooking novelist Elaine Khosrova will speak about her novel "Butter", with examples of various available. It will also feature a ceremony of Indian voice, with a podium debate chaired by Evan Pritchard, a descendant of the Mi'kmaq tribe and head of the Center of Algonquin Culture, and Vassar College teacher and lyricist Molly McGlennen.

Kids and adults can participate throughout the whole days in storybooks with native characters, ballontiere with Bee-Bee the Clown and the young writers' yearly showcase with inventive texts by pupils between 8 and 18 years of age. In addition, there will be an essays workshops and other programmes for novelists, a "literary lunch", a poet's lounge and the awarding of the second Scott Meyer Award, this year in honour of essays written by the deceased-founders.

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