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in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley. The Westchester Medical Center Health Network bietet Hot Weather Safety Tips. The Westchester Medical Center Health Network bietet Hot Weather Safety Tips. The Greater Hudson Valley Health System Medical Group/Orange Regional Medical Center. The Open Door Family Medical Center.


Every year tens of thousands ofthe adult and child patients are hospitalized in the United States for severe burn, amputation and other serious injury caused by the use of firecrackers. If the predicted temperature rises in the 1990s, Hudson Valley people should take additional measures to remain secure. While the building work on our Ambulatory Care Pavilion is continuing, necessary changes will be made to car parks, footpaths and entranceways to guarantee your security and comfort........

The Greater Hudson Valley Health System (GHVHS)

Mr. Batulis has been President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System and Orange Regional Medical Center since August 2006 and President of the Catskill Regional Medical Center since 2007. Mr. Batulis has more than 25 years of health care administrative expertise, which includes strategy formulation, finance and finance managment, corporate growth, M&A, hospitals, operational leadership, medical relationships, personnel growth and fund raising.

During his entire management position, he was responsible for health systems in the areas of medical treatment, medical and special nursing, chronical nursing, geriatric nursing and home nursing. Mr. Batulis' outstanding health administration backgrounds have been instrumental in revitalizing the Greater Hudson Valley Health System and developing programmes and service for member clinics.

During 2011, his leading roles in funding, building, moving and opening the new Orange Regional clinic in Middletown, New York were crucial. This ultra-modern 383-bed establishment is the first new clinic in New York State in more than 20 years. He was instrumental in turning the Catskill Regional Medical Center into a robust and developing municipal clinic, the only one in Sullivan County, New York.

During his entire term of office and within the system, Mr. Batulis has reached significant standards of excellence and finance and is regarded as a leader in the design of numerous new service offerings and in the purchase of cutting-edge technologies. Developing a full system program of clinics includes: Trauma and Electropathic Angioplasty, Stroke Center, Bariatric Excellence Center, Robo Surgical, a Level 2 intensive care unit for newborns under construction and the new Catskill Regional EM.

With the acquisition and deployment of a multi-million US dollars eHealth Records system in 2011, the medical center is one of the five per cent of the 5,200 clinics that have reached level 6 of the EMC Model. Catskill Regional will have the patient file in place by 2012.

Before he joined the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, Mr. Batulis worked for almost 20 years at HealthEast Health System, a community of integral health and nursing professionals that includes hospital, clinic, rehabilitation and specialist health and nursing centers based in St. Paul, Minnesota. As part of this group he was Vice President of the HealthEast Healthare System, Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph's Hospital and Chief Executive Officer of Bethesda Hospital.

In his role as Vice President within the HealthEast Health System, Mr. Batulis was responsible for a number of procedures, among them the cardiac and neuroscience in three of the network's clinics. In addition, he headed the HealthEast Ambulance, Hospice Nursing, Outdoor Lab and the Board of Directors for HealthEast Home HealthEast.

Being Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph's, his management marks a turning point in the closure of this clinic. Before coming to St. Joseph's, Mr. Batulis was Chief Executive Officer of Bethesda Rehabilitation Hospit. In this function he also headed the six residential nurseries, five residential institutions, the outpatient clinic, the medical device manufacturer, the home healthcare office and three chemists.

Mr. Bennett holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas at St. Paul, Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration from the University of Minnesota. Mr Batulis est Mitglied des Greater New York Hospital Association Board of Directors, Mitglied des Regional Policy Board der American Hospital Association, Mitglied des Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association Board of Directors et Mitglied des American College of HealthCare Executives.

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