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Find out why HUDSON VALLEY MEDICAL ASSOCIATES. Upcoming: Rosendale Medical Center Urgent Care. He is a practicing internal medicine doctor in Pomona, NY. The Westchester Medical Center Health Network bietet Hot Weather Safety Tips. The Westchester Medical Center Health Network bietet Hot Weather Safety Tips.

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We at Hudson Valley Primary Healthcare believe that our patient is our top patient focus and we work as a dedicated group to provide the highest level of patient comfort and convenience. Since 1988, our clinic has served the needs of the Hudson Valley and has continued the same personalised service, offering night and Saturday consultations, medical treatment at Vassar Brothers and Mid-Hudson Regional Hospitals at Westchester Medical Center, and a 24-hour doctor for ambulance and counseling.

We have a uniquely talented team of doctors who are both Board Certified Pediatricians and Board Certified Internists. A family nurse has also been working in the clinic for over 17 years. It is our aim to guarantee the highest level of healthcare and to concentrate on you, our patients.

In the future, we will use the latest technologies, be patient-centered and work as a collaborative effort using established clinic practice for best results. Paediatric infant and child healthcare includes healthcare such as visiting newborns, vaccinations, schooling, sport, camps and youth provision as well as the diagnostics and management of critical and chronical illnesses and counselling.

Adult internal medicine includes the diagnostics, therapy and prophylaxis of diseases as well as post-operative care for patients with chronical diseases such as coumadin moni -toring, diabetic medicine, high blood pressure and COPD. Hudson Valley Primary Care was the first medical office in Dutchess County in 2009 to be recognised with honours by the National Committee for Quality Assurance or NCQA, Physician Practices Connections, as a Level 3 Patient Centreed Medical Home.

Hudson Valley Primary Care has also received NCQA approval as a nationally recognised diabetic care organization since 2012. We welcome you to our clinic on our staff and look forward to supporting you and your families in staying healthy for a whole year.

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