Hudson Valley Lighting Roundout

Roundout Hudson Valley Lighting

Search the largest selection of Hudson Valley Lighting Roundout Bold and choose a new look for your home. The Roundout Collection. More products from the Roundout collection. Explore our wide selection of Hudson Valley pendant luminaires. The Hudson Valley's Roundout pendant has an old brass finish, cube metal frame and nine bulbs.

12-Light Roundout Pendant - Nickel Plated - Black

Staggering dice superimposed in freezing movement encircle a state-of-the-art illumination group. 12 x 40 watt candelabra socket needs 12 x 40 watt filament lamps (not included). 25 percent less power consumption than conventional filament lamps. Suspended luminaires are a multi-purpose, ornamental solution for various rooms - galleys, island cuisine, eating rooms, corridors, entrance areas, corridors, baths.

The interior/exterior luminaire is suitable for wet rooms and can be used in areas subject to humidity, such as roofed terraces, verandas, bathroom. "currentDimCombID ":"", "pageRefreshRefactor":1, "useVariationsOverlay":0, "asinToDimIndexMapData":{}, "twisterMarkImageLoad":1, "storeID": "hi"}; //selectively not escape. come back dataToReturn; }); Tumbling clusters, which overlap in this a freezing movement, encircle a modern-like well known well known lighting clusters.


Hudson Valley Lighting 1234 Roundout 12 Light Pendant is a bold and glamourous lamp made of aged brass and polished nickel, which is equipped with 12, 60 W E12 candelabra. Hudson Valley Lighting's Roundout 12-Light counterpart has an elegant, contemporary look. Surface treatment with aged brass and polished nickel is available.

The Hudson Valley Lights is a leading company in the fields of tradition, heritage, modernity, reproductions and illumination. Its wide range of illumination options includes: Hudson Valley Lighting's unique light fittings attract the viewer's interest and are found in sumptuous houses and sophisticated dining areas. The Hudson Valley Lighting's entire in-house designer side is painstaking in every respect.

No detail is ignored in the production of flawless lighting, from the overall design of the luminaire to the simplest adjustment screw. The Hudson Valley Lighting design in combination with its excellent surfaces not only distinguishes Hudson Valley Lighting, but also makes Hudson Valley Lighting the "The Lighting Standard".

HuddSon Valley 1222-Pn Roundout 9 Light Polish Nickle Charm

1222-Pn Hudson Valley round..... A 9-flame trailer from Hudson Valley Lighting's Roundout range will enrich your home with a blend of sophistication. One of the characteristics is a nickel polish surface that has been expertly treated. There is no delivery charge for this article! Returns & ExchangeIf entitled, the article may be refunded or exchanged 30 working nights after the date of shipment.

For more information, please see our return policy.

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