Hudson Valley Lighting Phone number

The Hudson Valley Lighting phone number

Most of Yelp Wappingers Falls - Lighting & Accessories. The Hudson Valley Lighting luminaires are designed in the Hudson Valley at the Hudson Valley Lighting headquarters and present fascinating minimalist pieces. The product is listed under the following manufacturer number(s):. The product is listed under the following manufacturer number(s):. A valve tappet, plunger bearings and hose clamps used by many developers to produce a range of add-ons.

Headquarters site acquired by Hudson Valley Lighting

NEWBURGH, N.Y.-Hudson Valley Lights, a more than 20 year old producer of classical, modern and transition lights, has acquired a location that will be its new corporate headquarter in Hudson Valley's Wappingers Falls, New York in Dutchess County. The announcement was made by David Littman, founder and president of Hudson Valley Lights and chairman of Littman Brand, a range of ornamental and architectonic light fitting companies including Hudson Valley Lights ing, Corbett Lightsing, Troy Lightsing and CSL (Creative Systems Lighting).

Among other things, the plan includes a high-tech gum canopy that will cut the cost of electricity by 40 per cent, as well as other energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building projects. The site offers sufficient room for the company's growing and expanding in the areas of logistic, storage and technology progress and houses the areas of research and developpment, production planning, fulfilment, warehousing and sales canals.

The renovation includes a newly designed and configurated store that houses the latest warehousing and DC for Hudson Valley Lighting and Littman Brands' affiliate, SONNEMAN-A Way of Light, as well as a sophisticated shelving and warehousing system for all types of goods and all types of product. It will also be used as a East Coast CSL ( "Creative System Lighting") distributor centre on the West Coast.

The new company head office will also comprise a photo and graphic workshop, a show room, fully-equipped, individually decorated office space, luxury suite, meeting and eating areas inside and outside the school. Hudson Valley Lighting's new, extended head office is also a follow-up to Littman's dedication to expanding its production and sales operations in the United States.

A 200,000 square metre West Coast R&D, Troy Lighting, R&D, Troy Lighting and CSL Lighting facility opened its own R&D, engineering, production and fabrication facility in 2011. To Hudson Valley Lighting.

New Mitzi brand introduced by Hudson Valley Lighting

We at Hudson Valley Lighting® understand: Influenced by the grandma of the Hudson Valley Lighting grandfather, a artist and antiques scout, Mitzi blends classical with modern while never offering sacrifices a single piece of work. MIZI is a new series. The Hudson Valley Lighting luminaires are located in Hudson Valley at the Hudson Valley Lighting head office and present fascinating minimalistic lighting.

The Hudson Valley Lighting is rooted in basic luminaires with classical design that perform certain function. While Mitzi is a far cry from these furnishings, the essence of the furniture line, which focuses on detail and material, comes from a similar place. Mitzi has been carefully designed for each process, however lightweight and modern it may seem, and Mitzi is a comprehensive range of lamps, trailers, wall lights, recessed lights and portable equipment.

The Mitzi was created to beautify the house or flat of everyone and offers an achievable high quality outfit.

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