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We design and manufacture distinctive lights. The Hudson Valley Lighting designs and manufactures distinctive luminaires. is a privately-held company located in Wappingers Falls, NY, and is a single location company. Styles include traditional, vintage, reproduction and contemporary lighting. Hudson Valley Lighting locations and contacts.

The Hudson Valley Lighting Inc: business profile

The Hudson Valley Company produces flashes. We offer lusters, standard and recessed luminaires, pendant luminaires, desk luminaires, light globes and insular luminaires. The Hudson Valley Lighthouse provides contractual and Hospitality solution, various luminaire and bathroom and cosmetic product design. The Hudson Valley Lighing company is serving its US clients.

New Hudson Valley Lighting Headquarters laid

On October 23, 2014, Hudson Valley Lighting, part of Littman Brands, officially broke ground for its new head office in Newburgh, NY, with the town' electors, among them Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, Senator Bill Larkin and the Mayor of Newburgh, Judy Kennedy. This new site will host a 140,000 square meter research and developement, research, design, manufacturing and sales centre on the 15.2 hectare former waste disposal site of the town of Newburgh on Scobie Drive.

The new Hudson Valley HQ will help the town of Newburgh both ecologically and commercially; this $20.8 million investment will save 180 people and will place 50 more full-time employees on Hudson Valley Lighting's paysroll in the next five years, in parallel to the temp work that will be completed in the course of next year.

The new, extended plant is also a further extension of Littman's engagement to expand its US operations and sales sites throughout the Group. A 200,000 square metre West Coast R&D, Troy Lighting, R&D, Troy Lighting and CSL Lighting R&D, Engineering, Production as well as Fabrication headquarter opened in 2011.

New Hudson Valley Lighting Headquarters laid

NEWBURGH, N.Y.-Hudson Valley Lightsing has recently turned the first sod for its new head office. Hudson Valley Lights founding and presiding director David Littman joined Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, Senator Bill Larkin and Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy in celebrating the occasion. Hudson Valley Lights was established in 1985 and belongs to Littman Brands, a range of light fixtures such as Corbett Lights, Troy Lights and CSL Lights.

"Hudson Valley is my home," Littman said. "Whilst much of the illumination sector has been relocated to Asia, we are more than ever involved in production and distribution here in Newburgh." The new Hudson Valley head office will help the city of Newburgh both ecologically and financially. This new site will occupy the former 15.2 hectare site of Newburgh City's urban waste disposal site, which is being rehabilitated and converted into a vibrant, prolific site, the firm said.

Twenty-$20.8 million will maintain 180 jobs and to 50 more Hudson Valley Lighting Salary appointments permanently over the next five years, the institution same. With this new plant Littman is continuing its engagement for the expansion of the US sales and marketing locations. Headquartered on the West Coast, the 200,000 square meter site will house research and develop ement, designing, producing and producing for Corbett Lighting, Troy Lighting and CSL Lighting.

I am proud to be working with Hudson Valley Lighting to launch this important business growth program that will expand production here in the Hudson Valley and create well-paid employment for our neighbors".

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