Hudson Valley Lighting Contact number

The Hudson Valley Lighting contact number

To inquire about a product of another Littman brand, please use the Contact section of this brand's website. As a Whelen Master Distributor, we have access to all the lighting requirements your business requires. BEST place to buy lighting! For special prices, please contact us. More information about the brand and its products can be found at: www.

Hudson Valley Lighting

How can I buy the items presented on this website? The Hudson Valley Lighting is available through our vast dealer base. In addition to seeing and touching our fine range of goods in your own shop, an experienced member of our staff will work with you personally to create an extraordinary buying environment.

Is it possible to buy this illumination directly from you - the producer? Our company prides itself on providing the best possible price for classy, high-quality illumination. To concentrate on this task, we work with highly skilled dealers who concentrate on meeting your specific illumination needs from purchasing to distribution.

You Hudson Valley Lights dealer will help you explore your own designs and make sure your illumination options are dimensioned to maximise the aesthetics of your room. Where can I find an authorised dealer? Dealer from whom you bought your Hudson Valley Lights from is a pre-approved parts and services supplier.

For a quick solution to your servicing problem, please consult your dealer directly. Although we supply mainly or completely installed illumination systems, your new Hudson Valley Lights acquisition includes a step-by-step guide, together with the necessary hardwar. Which is your right of restitution? Returns policy: Goods cannot be sent back without an application for Hudson Valley Lights Inc. being filed.

Permission in writing is granted at the option of Hudson Valley Lighting Inc. and must be obtained from the dealer within 30 workingdays of the initial shipping date. The goods must be sent back in their packing. If a change or use is detected upon delivery and examination of the goods complained of, Hudson Valley Lighting Inc. will get in touch with the dealer and inform them of our results.

At this point in the process, we will obtain permission to reship the goods to our sales partner, as no refund will be made. If, after 48 hrs, we do not receive a reply, we will dispose of the goods and inform our dealer that the goods have been disposed of and no refund will be made. Returned goods are subjected to a processing and works testing fee, with the exception of goods which the producer considers to be faulty in processing and/or material.

Any new goods sent back in factorsealed boxes are subjected to a 25% re-storage fee.

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