Hudson Valley Lighting Company

The Hudson Valley Lighting Company

Hudson Valley Lighting's ACHILLES trailer. HUEDSON Valley Lighting, Inc. Business Research & Investment Information. Complimentary shipping* on our best-selling designs from Hudson Valley Lighting. The Hudson Valley Lighting, ceiling lights, chandeliers, lamps and more.

Hudson Valley Lighting's high quality standards make their luminaires the perfect complement to the best residences and upscale dining environments.

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The Hudson Valley Group develops and produces illumination systems. The range includes lusters, pendant luminaires, flush-mounted, semi-flush mounting, insular luminaires, bathroom and washbasin accessories, wallwashers and overhead awnings. We also offer finishes on samples that include bronce, antique yellow gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique nickel, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, antique gold, polished brass, polished chrome, polished nickel and products in satin nickel.

The company sells its product through authorised dealers and resellers in the USA and Canada. Established in 1996, Hudson Valley Lighting, Inc. is headquartered in Newburgh, New York. Hudson Valley Lighting, Inc. The Hudson Valley Lighting, Inc. has not included any key executives.

Lighting Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley Lights is one of the world' s most rapidly expanding designer and manufacturer of unique lights. The Hudson Valley Lights range from old Williamsburg chandeliers and wall lights to the classic elegance of Pelham and Woodstock ceiling fan. The Hudson Valley Lights range also includes Flush Mounts, Pendants, Island Lights and Bathing and Vanity Lights.

The Hudson Valley Lights division creates and produces unique lights. All our prodcuts are perfectly arranged and are characterized by excellent qualities and value. We have a long tradition, our styles include tradition, modernity, modernity, reproductions and light. The Hudson Valley Lights have reacted to the increasing need for high performance illumination with the same love of detail as in the early 20th c...

For all Hudson Valley items (including freight), free shipping within the United States for orders over $50. Any Hudson Valley product shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground within the United States is FREE to be returned. There is no re-storage fees for Hudson Valley reusable equipment.

Hudson Valley does not apply VAT to Hudson Valley with the exception of those delivered to NC, NJ, NY and PA.

The Hudson Valley Lighting ~ BEST WARRANTY!

The Hudson Valley Lighting originated from a venerable familial traditions dating back to 1939. The firm was established in 1985 by the grandchild and is headquartered in New York. They use the most delicate material, meticulously crafted and cutting-edge design and production technologies such as heavier castings and hand-ground surfaces for their treasured Hudson Valley lighth.

The luminaires shown here are of hereditary item design - an enticing mixture of old worldly art and contemporary sensibility. Several of her creations are reproduction of old ship and railway station backlight. Hudson Valley Luminaires can be found in wall luminaires, recessed luminaires, candelabras, readings, ceilings and pendant luminaires, washbasin luminaires, free-standing and desk luminaires, image luminaires and overhead ventilators in luxury hotel and guest house settings as well as in high-end residential complexes.

This ingenious luminaires lend every interior design a luxury look. Featuring a large selection of design from classic and antique to transition, marine and present-day, you'll find architectural looks reminiscent of old barns and boat lamps, sumptuous chandelier and pendant crystals, cutting-edge geometrical forms, advanced satiny nickle bath fittings, backlit imagery and much more.

Available at affordable rates, this stylish light means you can savour the unmatched styling and qualitiy while keeping to your budgets.

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