Hudson Valley Lighting Address

The Hudson Valley Lighting Address

Search our free database for email addresses and direct dialing for HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING INC employees. Please enter your email address. submit. Brighter live with a huge selection of lights and fans from Australia's largest lighting retailer. Sanitation, air conditioning, heating and electrical companies in the Hudson Valley.

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Design Insights - Hudson Valley Lighting releases collection with designer Corey Damen Jenkins

Hudson Valley Lighting has developed a luminaire range together with decorator Corey Damen Jenkins in the run-up to the High Point Market (14 - 17 April). "Corey is a young, gifted and highly personal artist with a profound understanding of his profession. There' s a true-to-life relationship between the work Corey does and what we want.

This has resulted in great characteristic plays with historic significance and modern appeal," says David Littman, founder and CEO of Littman Brands. Jenkins, who was recently awarded the "New Trad Star of Design" by Traditional Home, said about the partnership: "It is the first a respected firm has taken an external design professional into its own design environment to create a fully licenced series.

Below is a timetable for Hudson Valley Lighting's High Point Markets with Corey Damen Jenkins. Hudson Valley Lighting is situated in the new Littman brands exhibition room in the historical Markquare Building, room M90. Hudson Valley Lighting's new display room has more than 11,771 sq. m. of floor area dedicated to its brand name.

Join decorator and tactemaker Corey Damen Jenkins for advice on how to make effective choices with your lighting. It will also be discussing new fashions and how design can meet the challenge of light-flooded rooms.

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