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Catch the Hudson Valley Legends episodes for free on request. Hudson Valley has its own collection of strange stories to tell. That is why Toni Odell launched Hudson Valley Legends more than a year ago, a podcast dedicated to stories of oddities in the region. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of the most famous works of American literature. You can download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Hudson Valley Legends by Burning Capital Collective for free.

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Podcasts devoted to the mystical, spooky and historic legends that are deeply rooted in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. Series 1 - Organized by Toni Odell. Series 2 - Presented by Burning Capital Collective. Just ***Do you need a drive on Instagram ***Legends? You can download Lyft to your mobile and use the promotional code:

This is one of the best ways to see Hudson Valley this year!

The Hudson Valley Legends Podcast and you

The city is full of legends and legends. Tales told through story telling, mystery stories ending in ghostly intentions, sacred narratives with inexplicable detail and notorious individuals with intriguing background have become part of the shared threads that unite every state area. Hudson Valley has its own strange story to tell.

That' s why Toni Odell launched Hudson Valley Legends over a year ago, a webcast devoted to local curios. Over the past twelve and a half years, the Toni and Hudson Valley Legends production artist Michael MacDermant has created audio tales of the most fascinating people who have been in the Hudson Valley area.

I know, as a contributor to our site, how much research, commitment and research goes into the storytelling of our area and I have always valued how much great work they have done. And I also know how hard it is to weigh such ventures against the responsibility of adulthood and a full-time work.

And that' s why I fully understand Tony's proclamation that she must withdraw the HVL codec immediately. So why am I talking to you right now about something that's over? First, you can still go back and hear all the beautiful HVL storytelling right on their website.

To be able to live and carry on their projects, HVL is looking for someone to take over the Podcast and tell new tales. The Hudson Valley Podcasts are a great way for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in the story off the well-trodden paths and tell the tales of strange, creepy or strange legends in the Hudson Valley. This is your chance to take over an already established and very popular platform with many people.

When you' re excited to be the new Hudson Valley Legends guest, please e-mail Toni Odell at and intro!

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