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Sights of Hudson Valley

Is there a better place for the growing brood to live and love than here in this beautiful house in the Kingston area of NY's Hudson Valley. Overlooked landmarks of an American landscape. Hudson Valley Ruins: To raise awareness of their plight, Hudson Valley Ruins offers readers a long overdue look at some of the forgotten cultural treasures of the region. Let's start with the title: Hudson Valley Ruins.


Exploration of the Overlook Mountain House remains includes a brief, steep walk and admiration for rattle snakes, but you will be awarded with a walkable wreck and, if you walk a little further, a stunning Hudson Valley views. Bannerman Island Trust has recently completed another Pollepel Island tourist seasons and we have made it our business to capture the remains with a dash of autumnal paint.

Hudson River National Historic Landmark District

Hudson River is the Hudson River National Historic Land Mark District (HRNHLD) appointed by the US Secretary of the Interior in 1990. Fedaral Landmark recognizes that the historical assets in the Hudson Valley are of the highest level of importance nationally, on an equal footing with other NHL districts such as Nantucket Island, the Garden District in New Orleans, and San Francisco's Presidio.

HRNHLD developed from two predetermined areas: the 16-mile settlement area and the Clermont settlement area. Situated in the heart of Columbia County, this exceptional 32 square kilometer neighborhood extends from Germantown to Hyde Park in Dutchess County. There are four cities, four hamlets, two smallholdings, over forty rural properties on the riverbank and the landscaped landscape, arable land and the peculiarities of nature in between.

The Hudson River National Historic Landmark District retains its unique characteristics. The HRH funded the research and managed the culmination of this prestigeous appointment as National Historic Landmark, and now functions as his Swiss accredited flight attendant.

The Hudson Valley Ruins

Innumerable volumes have been released at the historical locations of the Hudson River Valley. However, these works have concentrated on the best known and best conserved places. Equally precious are tens of other historical places that have not performed so well. Most of these monuments are included in the National Register of Historic Places, some of which are even National Historic Landmarks.

To increase people' s consciousness of their predicament, this volume provides a long-past due insight into some of the lost culture resources of the area.

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