Hudson Valley Itinerary

The Hudson Valley Itinerary

Hudson Valley family fun. So much to do in the Hudson Valley. Please click on the itinerary you are interested in. Take a Hudson Valley road trip route based on Andrew Harper's travels through the beautiful, picturesque New York Valley in September's Hideaway Report. The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess, Debbie Gioquindo, grew up and raised her family in the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Weekend Excursion - I NEW YORK Blog

Welcome to Hudson, NY, a classic hip city for great outings, real life musical entertainment and the ultimate goal of your next trip. Walk three mile of trails on a 714 foot nature reserve with views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. The symbol of Athens and Hudson, erected in 1874, served as a man-lighthouse up to the 1950'.

Wander through this enchanting town and take advantage of Hudson's diverse selection of antiques stores and fashion stores as part of the Hudson Antiques Dealers Association. Enjoy the tranquil day to night crossing on a picturesque Hudson River boat trip. Have a look at the timetables in the calender. The Hudson Brewing Company is the place for lovers of draught beers, wines and ciders.

The Hudson River School painter's house, Frederic Church. This spacious 250-acre property is an architectonic blend of Victorian style and oriental décor embedded in a scenic hillside on the Hudson River. Take a 45-minute taxi or shuttles from Albany Int'l to Hudson. by Trailways to and from Hudson.

Use Amtrak to Hudson Station.

The Woodstock and Hudson Valley Route

There is a wide and varied range of trips outside New York that can be considered for a one or two day trip from the Big Apple. One of my favourite routes - it can only be made by myself - allows me to explore the naturalist sights, the art and culture places and the small old cities of the Hudson Valley, along the Hudson River trail, past the small cities of Bethel and Woodstock, which became collectively known for the great 1969 musical manifest.

Here you will find the full route with many proposals to organise yourself in the simplest and most secure way. The Hudson River runs northern of Manhattan on a dramatic and winding trail to its spring, the summit of the Adirondack Mountains, about 500 km from its estuary in New York Bay.

A number of curvy streets follow its course along much of the way, as well as a number of farmhouses, markets, small cities, magnificent antique apartments and historical monuments, the Hudson River Basin. It is divided into two parts, Upper and Lower Hudson. It is my tip to first get to the farthest away area - the small city of Woodstock - and from there explore the Hudson River and then drive to New York.

It is a brief and intensive route that you can also walk during the days if you choose only some of the indicated places. I would suggest (if you have enough free space to see Bethel and its neighborhoods) to calculate a stop between Woodstock and Poughkeepsieto to quietly explore the route and the countryside.

The indisputable centre of youth protests in the 1960' and the 1969 festivals, Woodstock is about a two-hour drive from New York, just south of the Catskills Mountains. Anyone who wants to go to the nearby Bethel, which was the backdrop to the unforgettable 1969 edition of the Berlin Wall Festivals - the "Three Day of Freedom and Pop Music" - has to move to the small village of Bethel on Lake White about 70 km away.

Upper Hudson is the area of renowned Colleges, Hyde Park and the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, an institution of homes and museum devoted to the character of the thirty-second president of the United States (who was borne here in 1882) and his Wife Eleanor.

Further south - the Lower Hudson - the visitor enters the pristine art of the former East African country house with its breathtaking open-air museums, where the art installation merges with the neighbouring natural surroundings and the evocative naturalist rooms of Harriman and Bear Mountain State Park. It is a route that is best done by road.

Greyhound busses and locomotives cross the area, such as the Hudson line from Grand Central Terminal or the Amtrak, which departs Penn Station every morning and travels much of the way along the Hudson River.

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