Hudson Valley Hospital Visiting Hours

Visiting hours at Hudson Valley Hospital

There are no fixed visiting hours to support the patients of their loved ones. The Greater Hudson Valley Health System Medical Group is joined by new providers. Smoking is not allowed in patient rooms or on the premises of the hospital. Company name, Vassar Brothers Hospital.

Past and present - New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital

It is our prerogative at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital to look after you and make your visit as pleasant as possible with our facilities and facilities. When you arrive, the nurses will help you settle into your room. You are encouraged to participate actively in your own caring and you will find that our employees are encouraging you to ask your own or your family's queries and raise concern.

It is possible to take your mobile phones, glasses, contacts, prostheses and protection cases in case of non-use. Electric equipment such as hairdryers, curlers, shavers, radio and other equipment are not allowed in patients' rooms. Use it to request help and a member of our team will reply to your message.

You will be visited by a restaurant attendant every morning after your breakfasts to receive your order for your lunches and after your lunches to help you choose your food and breakfasts. The patient can also call 63221 for foodservice. The hospital's dinning room is open to your relatives from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. every morning and is on the ground floor.

A food and beverage stand also offers an afternoon snack after work. The program comprises networking and community as well as the Serenity Channel and a wide range of sport, lifestyle and non-prime movie programs. You' re welcome to take your mobile with you and we provide a free of charge on-site call from your room.

When you need a long range call number, please buy a pre-paid credit before you plan to stay in hospital. Your and your familiy can use a notebook and most other portable cordless equipment in the hospital. Your computer or equipment can be connected to our hospital hospitalized invited hospital patient and patient free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi host by choosing "hvhc_freewifi" from the selection of Wi-Fi hosts that appear when you click on the Wi-Fi ikon.

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is an open and uncrypted Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connectivity. Cannot deliver to the ICU. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital has opening hours. There are no fixed visiting hours to help them. It is up to the doctor or an accompanying adult, whom the doctor selects at admission, to determine who comes when.

For the benefit of our patient, please be aware that members of the nursing crew may also restrict the visit. We work with our guests and clients, especially in semi-private rooms, to give them enough room to relax and get some bed. In order to provide a safer and healthier atmosphere at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, we do not allow smokers or vapiers in our hospital.

The directive is applicable throughout the hospital or on hospital premises, even in parking cars.

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