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New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital The Subaru dealers of Curry Automotive and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Connecticut, Westchester and Hudson Valley chose New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital as the recipients of the "Subaru's Love Promise" camp. In June, the countrywide Subaru customer initiative invites Subaru clients to sign a "Care Card", a memo of hopes and inspirations to be placed in a box for cancers.

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital erhält den "People's Choice Business of the Year Award" von der Cold Spring Area Chamber of Commerce. The following people accepted the prize on the hospital's behalf: Ellen Bloom, Director of Marketing and Development, NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital; Jonelle Bingham, MD, Director OB/GYN, NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley; Stacey Petrower, President, NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital; Ellen Higgins, FNP, NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley; William J.

Higgins, MD, vice-président, directeur médical exécutif régional, New York-Presbyterian Medical Group. MPA Stacey Petrower, MPA is appointed Chairman of NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital with effect from July 1. The Hudson Valley Hospital Center is rebranded New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital in January and becomes part of the New York-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network. As part of the hospital's commitment to promote food education as a way to better healthcare, NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital formally opened the training kitchen of chef Peter X. Kelly on July 21, 2014.

The hospital works with the patient and the general public through its training centre and gardens to help them better understand how to improve their healthcare through nutritional and life-style changes. Lessons in the classroom ranges from general cookery courses to very specialised curricula for people with diabetes, cardiac disease, cancers, breast-feeding mothers and those with embers.

The Young Chefs of the Hudson Valley- works with kids aged 11-13 in community education to help reduce adiposity. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital was re-accredited by the Undersea and Hypermarket Medical Society (UHMS), the nation's premier agency for hypermarkets.

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital is the only institution in the area to offer this type of treatment, according to UHMS, the nation's premier agency for hypermetabolism. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, already known for its excellent breast-feeding assistance, is the first hospital in the area to be named a Baby Friendly Hospital.

1, 2013 Baby Friendly USA, a leading company in the toddler breastfeeding and baby healthcare initiative, today reported that NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital has become the fourth hospital in New York State and the only one in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland to receive this acclaim. Supported by the World Heath Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund, the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative aims to enhance baby's healthcare by establishing a worldwide best practice programme.

As part of its health food and nutrition activities, the New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital will launch a number of Farmers Markets on July 31, 2012 to make its products more accessible to the communities. New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital opened its Organic Garden for Healing on April 25, 2012. Partnering with the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture was part of a major hospital program known as Harvest for Health, which was designed to promote preventative care through nutrition.

On August 7, 2010, the ground-breaking ceremony for the 54,000 m² Cancer Centre and the Medical Office Building took place. Cheryl R. Lindenbaum's cancer centre offers radiotherapy, IV treatment and supportive care. The centre includes prominent plastic surgery specialists from the Ashikari Breast Centre and the New York Group for Plastic Surgery.

On the two upper levels of the facility, there is a hospital room for orthopaedic, cardiological and women's image centre, the Ashikari Breast Centre, the New York Group for Plastic Surgery and the New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Group. A ceremonial opening was celebrated on June 24, 2010 at New York's Hudson Valley Hospital to mark the finalization of a $100 million hospitalization.

This 133,000 sq. metre large building comprised a four-storey 83,000 sq. metre large patients' platform, a 450-seat car park, a new foyer and a souvenir store and a doubling of the hospital's emergency department. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital was awarded an Westchester County Association in 2010 New York Presbyterian Hospital's 2010 Westchester County Economics Leadership Prize (APEX) for the Westchester County's biggest ever business venture.

The new, fully digitized surgical center will be opened on March 2, 2009 as part of the hospital's large refurbishment and extension work. This 9,800 sq. metre operating centre comprises two new operating theatres (ORs) and an extended post-anaesthesia ward (PACU). New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital opens the first No Wait Emergency Department in the area, providing quicker and more effective patient care.

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital has equipped the emergency room with the "no wait" approach with a $500,000 Entergy Nuclear Northeast Challenges Grant. This renovation allows a significant alteration of the "typical" processes for a casualty in the emergency room. Relocating the registry to the bed and providing more room for trial and therapy allows the user to avoid the normal registry functions and enter a therapy room more quickly.

In addition, there is a dedicated doorway for the dedicated 24-hour daily unit to treat a client who needs to be insulated in the EM. New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital is the first in Northwestchester/Putnam to be named a Regional Stroke Center by the State Hospital Review and Planning Council.

The hospital has a protocol to guarantee a fast reaction in case of strokes. With the opening of a newborn ICU, an ICU is opened for neonates who have been delivered in hospital. The Stage II NICU provides specialised infant healthcare in a safe, nurturing setting.

Special training is provided for preterm infants from 32 months and adults with certain diseases. Newborns can be taken in at childbirth because of health issues that need careful supervision or because they underweighing. Wellnesscenter - an innovating gym for adults - was opened in Cortlandt Town Centre near by.

An advanced nursing ward tailored to the needs of intensive-care patients is being created on the roof of the Wagner Pavilion. It is undergoing extensive refurbishment and now offers both home and Jacuzzi baths in every work and childbirth room. The hospital is undergoing a large extension with a new hospital, the Wagner Pavilion, a new ER, a lab, operation rooms and outpatient surgical facilities.

It will also be renamed to better mirror its local footprint as the Hudson Valley's premier healthcare institution. Completion of the Terner Pavillon, which includes a new ER, radiological and critical wards. In Cortlandt Manor, a new central location on Route 202 (Crompond Road) is designated and a new hospital with 114 hospital berths is constructed.

Small group of collectivity-oriented females headed the way by buying a pre-revolutionary home on Lower South Street in Peekskill that became the Assisting Hand Hospital.

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