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Willams Lumber & Home Center, Building Materials & Accessories. Please contact the Hudson Valley Home Center. Pharmacovigilance - Biological, Iron and Other Infusions - Clinical Studies / Research - Laboratory Services - Home - Contact - Privacy - Legal Notice. Duke's True Value Home Center. Visit Bard College and attend a concert at the Frank Gehry Performing Arts Center.

Modular, Doublewide, Mobile Homes | American Houses

For over 45 years, American Houses has provided apartments for the state of New York. Our offices in Dryden, Weedsport, Brewerton, Richfield Springs & Cairo are located in Central, Upstate and Northern New York. There are a wide range of house typologies and house style. Our company is proud to offer our clients high-quality, energy-efficient houses with a high level of expertise in terms of installations and services.

We have over 5,200 happy clients since 2000 and over 300 houses already bought last year. Our employees are ready to make your home buying a trouble-free and unforgettable one. Come and see one of our showrooms and find out more about the favourable conditions of property of the houses produced today.

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Mario's true value | DIY store

Mario's True Value Home Center wants to be the best DIY market in the Capital District with these three easy notions. That' s why Mario's offers the best DIY items that no retail outlet can provide and at a price you can buy. No DIY projects at Mario are too big or too small.

Our skilled and helpful personnel and a broad range of goods and service - which includes free quotations and estimates, site visits, same-day and next-day deliveries and much more - make it possible for everyone to achieve their objectives. Build a decks or a new home? In the True Value Home Center of Mario, the leading DIY market in Columbia County, we have the goods and service you need - just around the corner. It' s all there.

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