Hudson Valley Historic Sites Map

Historical Hudson Valley Site Map

Below are nearly thirty locations throughout the Hudson Valley. The Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site. The scene of a fierce revolutionary war over control of the Hudson River. and Hudson Valley history. Catskill, NY's Thomas Cole National Historic Site is a must for every Catskill museum visit.

boscobel House and Garden Details">Boscobel House and Garden

The Boscobel is an architecturally elegantly decorated Federal Palace Memorial in the Hudson Highlands area. The Clinton Building was constructed in 1765 and was actively involved in state policy when Poughkeepsie was the state city. During the American Revolution, DeWint Houses functioned as Washington HQ.

It is also the oldest preserved edifice in Rockland County. Built in 1767, the Glebe Home provides an insight into the life style of a bourgeois colonial mob. The Gomez Millouse is the oldest Jews' home in North America with a facility that reflects the occupation by five homes.

The Historical Society -

Seat of the Historical Association in the Jacob Odell-Haus. Historical Company, Inc. Minneapolis, 1 Grove Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591, 914-631-8374. The association is located in the former home of Jacob Odell, the first villager of Tarrytown. The collection includes artefacts from the archaeological excavation of the Requa Tenants' Farm, materials on the arrest of the UK Major John Andre by the locals and home, pedagogical and business items on the story of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (formerly North Tarrytown).

The research collection includes periodicals from 1875 onwards, regional papers, regional and state historical literature, specialist documents on municipal facilities, individuals and activities, notes on district schools and companies, historical posters and historical posters, as well as historical photos and historical charts of the Hudson Valley, Westchester County and the Hudson Valley. Company has two stories in printed by the Images of America series:

Town and Sleepy Hollow in the twentieth century and Town and Sleepy Hollow. The Sleepy Hollow and Tariytown Calendars feature other exciting features.

Historical site of FDR Nat'l

I' ve been there the last few days, but the only other people I' ve seen on the trail was a park-ranger. Whilst you normally meet one or two other hikers on these paths, the walk behind the FDR home gives you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle without having to go to the wild.

Signpost:: We visit the Forest and Cove Trails and the Meadow Trails. At the foot of the mound, turn off to the lefthand side to get off the sidewalk and onto the dirt track that will soon take you into the forest. Walk along the dirt track (technically the Cove Track at this point, I think) and take in the views back to the top of the hills, over the Apples Garden to FDR's house.

If you come to the sign that shows you the way to your various hiking possibilities, turn right into the forest on the glazed copper trail. Walk further down the hillside, while the small stream from the waterfalls to your right and then to your right after crossing under the meander.

Turn right at the crossroads at the foot of the mound to drive towards Forest Loop and away from the Cove Track. Follow the Hyde Park Trail's whitish and greens markings for about ten mins. Arriving at the beginning of the neongreen glazed forest road, the signs indicate that you are on a bend that will take you back to this point in 1.1 mile.

Well, whoever called this lead wasn't kidding. It'?ll lead you through the woods, won't it? Simply follow the Hyde Park Path, which is also signposted with Hyde Park Path marks in this section. You will reach a fork in the road in another ten mins. Turn right to follow the glazed woodland path and say good-bye to our old buddy Hyde Park trail.

After about five-minute cross a creek, the path shares with an un-marked path to the south. Take a right turn to remain on the Green (Forest) Track. and you' re running on fir trees instead of leaf. A few moments later you will climb a small mound to return to the start of the wood.

Take a turn to your lefthand side to return to the Cove Trail. When you approach the crossroads with the Cove Trail, look closely at the moor on the right. At the crossroads with the Cove Trail, with the rippling brook right in front of you, turn right into the glazed Cove Trail.

This Cove Track leads offically through the bogs, and if you show up during a very arid period, you can take this track down to the stream (the track ends offically just before the rail track, and you must be VERY CARE if you want to get near the river).

My last voyage the coil trailer was about 15 cm under water, and I wasn't driven enough to try to wade it. Nevertheless, a few egrets fled as we were approaching, and the gooses honking at us from the bay captivated the two-year-old on my back forever. It' a wonderful way to discover, if you can.

Anyway, if you've tried as much of the Cove Track as possible, go back to the intersection and turn right to proceed on the now glazed Meadow Track. I' ve followed this path once, and if I'm not wrong, it appears behind a shopping centre on Route 9.

Follow the Yellow (Meadow) Trail, which rises up a small ridge and takes you out of the forest, overlooking FDR's farm. Like the name suggests, you also walk along the side of a picturesque lawn (called "Heuwiese" on the hiking map).

The Meadow Trail takes you past several cop storms and back to the crossroads with the Cove Trail, with which you have become old friends. Continue to the right to get back onto the Cove Trail and track your progress from today. Turn right onto the asphalt to drive up the hillside to the multi-storey-carpark.

Departing from Poughkeepsie, take Route 9 northwards into Hyde Industrial Complex. Immediately after the Hyde Parc Brewing Company on the right you will see the very well signposted entry to Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site on the lefthand side. Take a turn to your lefthand and leave your car on the square. FDR's National Historic Site is located at the following address:

Other images from the FDR National Historic Site from the Picasa trek album:

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