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Hüdson Valley Getaway Offers

Review hotel rooms, amenities, photos, reviews, offers and promotions for Hudson Valley Resort & Spa Kerhonkson. and Hudson Valley events. Do you have stomach ache? Are you planning a holiday in snow?

It was a hard winters in the valleys with too much snows and artic temperature. When you have been in your house awaiting the meltdown in early summer and are now afflicted with stateroom temperature, think about escaping. "There' s always something to do in Hudson and it' s really simple to miss what's in your own backyard," said Traci Suppa, Poughkeepsie inhabitant and creator of the Go Big or Go Home familytravel blogs.

In case you haven't already done so, please check out DIA:Beacon and the New York State Museum. "A short trip to the Dutchess Tourism website and you will find various tour packs to select from. "We' re an easier trip this year if you want to enjoy a cosy B&B," says Mary Kay Vrba, Chairwoman of Dutchess Tourism.

"Visit and see our Just Say Go! getaways or have a look at some of our beds and breaks like Ham House ( "If you' re looking for any last-minute offers, said Lori Wall, an independant agency with Destinations to Explorer in Hyde Park, if the places are not full, they will be offering promotions, but you take a chance that you won't be able to go on that particular holiday you were foreseen.

"One never knows when these last-minute offers will appear, so if you have your hearts fixed on a date and a place, then you should make an early booking," she said. "When you are the kind of individual who can lift and go when a last-minute-deal surfaciens, and you have no travel limitations, then yes, you can get a last-minute- deal.

" When travelling with preschool children, Suppa said it is simpler in the low seasons, when the masses are brighter, to make 11 hours schedules to go to a favorite place like Disney World. "When they get older, it's not going to be that simple to get them out of school," she said. Although resorts such as Lake George, Mystic, Connecticut and the Poconos are much busier in summers, there are still lots of tourist attraction in winters and in some cases even indoors.

" When you' re packing an accommodation purse and want to get out of your neighbourhood, take a brief ride from home and you'll find some great Hudson Riverway accommodation choices. If you are a fan of winters but still want to get out of the valleys, go to Lake George in Bolton Landing to the northeast and see Sagamore, a full-service low seasons destination (

You want to go down South, go see Bucks County in Pennsylvania. And if you want to go further and give something back at the same day, consider volunteer work at Best Friends Animals Society (, the biggest shelter in the country where there are no deadly pets. Situated in the north of Utah, the Shrine is always free and there are specific offers for your holiday in this area.

Sheba also said February is a good and busy month to be visiting the big towns because it is a relatively sluggish period, and there are deals to be had on accomodations and attractions. Here are some of the best places to be. "Sofitel New York, a francophone style resort, offers a Winter Weekend Getaway Pack, which consists of an accommodation in a Queen's room, breakfasts for two at Gaby Brasserie Francaise and skate tickets at Rockefeller Center.

When you' re tired of Jack Frost pinching your nostrils and you'd rather get away for a little bit of sunshine and enjoyment, plan a warm holiday on the beaches. We recommend that all travellers travelling in summer take out travel insurances. "You know, your escape is exactly what you make of it. On the President's Island President's Island Holiday last year, Suppa Providence paid a visit to Rhode Island, but the hosts' families were snowbound for a year.

Last minutes can take some inconvenience, but a cold spell could be just what the familiy needs. "It will be difficult to find last-minute offers for hot flights," said Rainer Jenss, chairman and founding member of the Nyack, Rockland County-based Hudson Valley FTA.

" There are many airfares and there should be a hotel in the south.

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