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Newest tweets from Hudson Valley NY Fun (@HudsonValleyFun). I' m Fun A Day Hudson Valley, High Falls, New York. The Cold Flavor Repair (CFR) support group is based in Walden/New Paltz here in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum is free of charge at both locations. Mudcake + mud pool + mud art + mud slides = MUD FUN!

The best of the Hudson Valley: Pleasure & Recreation

Climb over a face, yell, and make a 5k jump through the vineyard....then take a seat and slurp some great Valley Vintage. Studios vary and offer pre-programmed programmes, rental, special occasions and a pop-up store that offers creative goods without the need to look for artisans or waiting for exhibitions. Go to Trivial Nights and you'll get all sorts of issues - musik, literary, current affairs, story, etc. - shot at you and up to three other team mates in what the bartenders call an epoxy, all-nerd throw-down.

Catskill has been designed by world-renowned trailer design professionals to offer something for the rider of all skilldesires. You' ll have the chance to enjoy the final dowhill adventure, pedalling your way through a MTB races or try the longest jumping path on the East Coast.

It is a popular track for professionals from around the globe and will host the UCI Mountain Bike Races in 2019. Here adult can participate in arts courses or activities such as quiz evenings, sewing/quilting and winetasting, while their children attend a course or play in Poughkidsie Village.

A large number of internal doors throughout the room provide a lot of vision to keep an eye on your child. Snackbars offer the normal, but a local icecream parlour, called a local artisan bistro, brings the whole event to a point with artisan balls, 20 kinds of special smooth dishes and Icecream.

Hunter Mountain is the place for skiing and snowboarding, but when the temperatures drop, the heat is on. This is a sturdy events schedule with a lot of events, which includes livemusic, dance, delicious meals and drinks and even many children's events - all compiled by top professionals and organisers and presented against the scenery of an untouched valley environment.

Favourites include the Taste of Country Music Festival, Mountain Jam and Oktoberfest; how about you? "Adventure" isn't just part of her name: Discover swamps, watch the sun set, take a combined walk through Bannerman Castle and more on board a local popular cruise ship.

In addition, classes are given before departure and all trips are led so that both beginners and experienced canoeists are at home on the Hudson while they are out and about. Just think, your best dog mate jumps over the Hudson River on the front of a canoe ( "don't be afraid, she will be wearing a buoyancy aid), her lips are open, her tongues are fluttering in the wind.

You' ll occupy the canoe under the supervision of one of the Mountain Valley Guides specialists on your way to a riverbank where you can romp around together on an irresistible kitschy outing. Yes, Mountain Valley Guides, from Cornwall-on-Hudson, can make this and Fido-focused memory-real.

Cosy huts and cottage accommodation with contemporary design adorn the photorealistic estate, privately owned cooks cook food from farms to tables and open-air adventures - like a zip line on the water - take the days or nights to the next floor. Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, with 450 hectares of farmland, forest, trails and wetland, provides a wide range of educational trips and led classes that enhance New York State's environmental consciousness, understanding and esteem.

They can go on a round-trip or discover the area on their own and encounter tortoises, crocodiles and meadow birds. Wildlife enthusiasts are in good companionship here, where photographs of the saved inhabitants of the Catskill Animals Sanctuary are just the beginning of how fur-friendly those responsible are: your visit gives you the liberty to wander the sanctuary (plus a trip if you are staying on the weekend of April-October), and the estate is entirely vegetarian, with free breakfasts from" yoghurt" to wafers with delights as well as free lunches from coir to yoghurt.

Walk the corridors for hour after hour to admire the arts of U.S. Military Heritage, unwind in one of 151 recently refurbished rooms, walk across the pristine terrain and end the days with a cocktail at the Zulu Time Rooftop Bar & Lounge overlooking the Hudson River.

" They are not only a nice face - the missions of the academy and its cooperative galleries are to help people find their own creativity and to help them by offering countless possibilities to educate, care for and display their work. We offer arts lessons, changing exhibitions, the plein-air Art/History Trail and many other nice and instructive activities.

Mixing Cirque du Soleil, spectacular livemusic and satirical comedy, the Bard College annually presents the final show of the year. There is also a one-of-a-kind programme of free classes throughout the summers with college and college graduates from Carnegie Mellon, Juilliard and Yale.

Journey through the calcareous stone passages and solid rocks that live here at a depth of 156 feet below the sea level has become a Hudson Valley ritual since the first open discovery of the village in 1842. Today you can still see the fantastic galactites while hunting a millennia-old underground stream, but now the experience goes on abovegrounds.

Your Adventure Park offers a thrill like a high-flying cable car, a smiling bouncer and something they call a H2OGO football, a 12-foot football full of five gallon of hot and cold waters that hurls you 1,100 feet uphill. You can see everything from the crew's boots stored under the bed to a functioning wireless room and historical weapons, while expert guide will guide you between the deck and through the hull.

Thomas Cole, creator of the Hudson River School of Landscape Painter, has carefully renovated the house and equipped it with a new multimedia immersion work. While Angry Orchard may be a state-recognised name, its Walden-based Cider House provides the ultimatum to branching out - in the truest sense of the word.

Recently added open-air jacuzzis, glittering candlesticks in the lounge cocktails, gold-coloured Chiavari banqueting tables, grand piano dances and theatre accents are part of an aggressive refurbishment that has made it one of Hudson Valley's top pubs.

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