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You can see bars, beer shops and restaurants in my area that sell Hudson Valley Free Fall with prices and whether it is on tap or in a bottle, can, growler, etc.. The first class is free, membership is required for subsequent classes. IN THE HUDSON VALLEY. The Newburgh Free Library Storyhour Room, Newburgh.

A healthier life without cardiovascular disease and stroke across Massachusetts.

It' simple and free!

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Casés vere Handel - Hudson Valley Legal Services

In the Hudson Valley, we help low-income people and homes with free civilian (non-criminal) advocacy to safeguard their essential needs for their lives, which include protection, liberty from bodily harm, healthcare and accessibility to justice and support that is legally warranted but not always provided.

Free of charge we offer our services in the following areas: caancer health advocacy: provides mutual judicial support to legitimate customers affected by diagnosing cancers in areas such as medicaid, handicap and other general issues of justice. Please have a look at our Health Advancement booklet. CHILD ADVICE: child replacement, including: right to receive child support, intercession for the disabled, intercession for fostered and unaccompanied minors, tutelage, custody and shelter.

Learn more about how we help them. Please have a look at our booklet "Children's Advocacy". COMMUNITY-ENHANCING SERVICES: In Westchester County, we support mentally ill grown-ups with a wide range of advocacy in areas such as home, handicap and other general counsel. Disabilty ADVOCACY: Mutual judicial support for people with special needs, inclusive of discriminatory treatment under the Americans with Diseases Act; representing young people and adolescents with a development disorder in areas such as social security/SSI, shelter, rehab, transport and work.

Please have a look at our handicap brochures here. domeic violence: to advocate and represent the survivor, which includes protective orders, assistance to children and spouses, children and visits guardianship, entry and remittances for other security and assistance matters. Please have a look at our booklet Familial Gewalt. DEVELOP LAW: Advocating and representing senior citizens in areas such as living, social security, Medicaid, long-term plans and home nursing.

Please click here to download our Elder Law booklet. HIV/AIDS: Help for people and households affected by or affected by HIV/AIDS, with regulatory questions such as disabilities, Medicaid/insurance, long-term plans and evacuation. Please have a look at our HIV/AIDS Advocacy booklet. international housing: Resident counselling and counselling in evictions and compulsory auctions. Find out more about our residential construction work here.

CONSUMER INDEPENDENT PROTECTION NETWORK (ICAN): The ICAN is the New York State Ombudsman Program for those with Medicaid who require long-term service - e.g. domestic workers, childcare for adults or accommodation in foster homes. IGBTQ LAW PROJECT: oppropriate advantages: counsel to persons falsely excluded or dismissed from subsidy programmes, such as food stamps, job lessor' s compensation, Medicaid and monetary aid, among others.

veteran & military families: Advocate for those who have helped with a variety of problems, which include those who suffer from post-traumatic distress syndrome (PTSD), trauma (TBI) and military sexual trauma (MST), and/or who face rejection of advantages, isolation, evacuation or defraud. Have a look at our veteran booklet here. Providing expert advice to attorneys to make them more efficient in the representation of their customers with specific needs; training and mediation to the fellowship/other bodies concerned with the protection of the law; recommendations for persons who are not qualified for our work.

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