Hudson Valley Food and Wine

Huderson Valley Food and Drink

Try the richness of Hudson Valley and its most elegant food preparations, desserts, wines and beers. Hudson Valley has made a name for itself as the Napa Valley of the East for its vineyards, orchards and farmers' markets. Hudson Valley is synonymous with good food, fresh farm produce and a world-class dining experience. What better way to drink a crunchy white wine or a cold craft beer in the summer sun? Enjoy wines, spirits, handicrafts and more!

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The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival has been one of the most important events for New York Wineries & Gourmet Specialty Foods for almost two centuries. Throughout the years we have added a New York Craft Beer Pavilion, distilleries, hard ciders and more. Fulfill your appetite at the annual Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest - always on the weekends after Labor Day.

There are 2 different types of festival ticket available: Meals are not including. Daily passes are valid for one full working days, either Saturday or Sunday. The date is Saturday, but you can use either Sat or Sun. Non-refundable ticket. Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest is a great party for groups!

Bachelor' s/bachelor's parties, family reunions, alumni meetings or other group meetings will delight in the festival. Groups are available before September 1st and will not be available at the gates. Travel Agents, please call us at 845-658-7181 for more information and to buy group travelcards. Groups can buy their ticket before September 1st.

The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest and Hudson Valley Craft Beer Fest? Soak up the days at the magnificent Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY and experience the richness that the Hudson Valley has to boast. Try and buy tastes and flavours from all over New York.

Try artisanal beer from New York's best breweries. Enjoy gastronomic specialities from the best local cuisine and a wide range of gastronomic lorries. Buy a wide selection of speciality food retailers, artisans and household goods. Please do not hesitate to ask us for information on group ticket prices and the option of a personal area for picnics or a V.I.P. marquee.

Allow us to make your celebration an unforgettable experience!

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