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I had a young man trying to get me to buy them until he asked for my membership number. At best, our customerservice is similar to that of the postal services. I' ve worked with them for 20 years. And I said to her, "Big hill, please" and we continued our pleasurable talk. That'?s the THIRD fucking disrespect to me.

Last the cashier said, "Sir, I can help you here," I was looking around and saw another lady there. I' ve already said I' m taking out all my cash. Disgrace you HVFCU. You' re a shitty waitress. It' been a disappointing experiance, but they did well.

I' m getting e-mails from this credit union over and over again and I've never heard of it in my Iife. I' ve never had a negative one with HVFCU. I spoke to Michael Delgado at the Newburgh office about mortgages. I would warn you, the readers, to take some of the other reviews with the grit of salt.

A number of folks complain that their cards have been deactivated because of fees that the house thought were fraudulent - this is just for your safety. It is known that you should inform your local banking institution before travelling through the countryside or to a place where you have not yet been. That' s the only thing that I'm still with this terrible institution is that my folks are insisting on having a shared fund with me for part of my money in this place, and it is the institution that they've been using for years because it was an IBM credit union in the 1980s and 1990s and my dad still works for them across the road.

In other words, these folks are still like founding the web was yesteryear, and if you are ever interested in doing business on line I would focus on this thing. I had several issues with their website, from getting lost password to document print. This website is Slove, although I will give them the benefit of the fact that they have improved a little since the last big overhaul.

When I had finished reading all the pages needed to open an online bankroll ('cause you're an idiot not to), it logged me out after 10 mins. (although I clicked through each page actively) and I had to go through the whole procedure again.

Printout of the PDF' s of my home loans was also a bad dream - both on the Safari and on the Chrom it had problems. My mom when I said the website was difficult to use, she gave the news when she was there personally and said it was unpleasant because I don't do it.

You also said to my mom that if I went to Stanford, I shouldn't be too stupid to use her website. When I am ever recounted about this place, I will be too lucky to close everything I have with them, from CD's to current account, because I have no good reasons to have anything to do with this place, apart from the fact that it is a predilection of my folks who are living in the area (and I only respect their wishes) and co-owners of those bank accounts when I was a kid.

Apart from that, often a transaction is carried out wrongly, or we get false information from someone who works there, or we end up here several occasions to do just one thing. Overall, I have few grounds to suggest this place, the services are non-professional, and they need to keep up with the digit era (note: engineering is on the other side of the road and will be fired).

And I was a strong advocate of the old IBM credit union. As the HVFCU opens each twig, I believe a little of its workout will evaporate. I knew that after I had to open and closed my bank books, after my purse was taken. It was the credit union that paid for an escrow with a zero balances, and not what I had asked them for, with debts, not once, but many a time.

After a while I should have been given a nice cuppa and a staff number. Possibly, instead of providing us with a free of charge slipper, the HVFCU could educate management staff down. Offer shitty services and don't follow your people. It' happening again after all the education the banking officer has been insisting on.

Do you believe in Santa Claus, but not the HVFCU? Well, here it is right after the holidays and what did I get from the HVFCU? A HFCU's very big advocate-- I felt good backing up a credit union being a member, etc. The credit union functions as if it were in the Middle Age.

I' ve had an extraordinarily poor record with their mortgages division, which has been approached with them ever since. I' ve been playing a telephone devotee perpetual play for weeks-- just to get myself an IMQUIRE about getting a loan through the credit union. After 7pm at noon, when the mortgaging woman servicing my area eventually stepped into contact with me-- it was after I drove and our talk was less than pleasurable.

She said that I had to have this talk again with my woman to ask some questions - and she was as if we had to have an "INTELLIGENT" talk, otherwise it would be a time waster - I couldn't believe what I heard. Concerning the daily operation of the bank - why do they not yet have chips?

My first login was a very disappointing moment. Since there is only one HVFCU ATM in my area, I think it would be a good thing for them to do without ATM charges at other places. Whenever I make a cash withdrawal to the cashier's office, the cashiers (who are very nice) always have to give me this strange script that I didn't get this cash in some "suspicious" way.....

Upon oeuvre this I astonishment why I act...but to be downright their aid is ok relative quantity, its superior than the content of actually endured the dispute of transformation to other slope all unneurotic. It is a classical bench from the 70s - cute cashiers, they like to talk and are cozy.

Mortgages division is awful - ask 3 folks the same questions and you get 3 different responses. Your on line browsing is difficult to use, is a crowd and does not work with Quick Books. It' like this house just found out about the tech and the web. I will thank you if they tell you that they are sorry a hundred folks, if you call, that is good client services.

It'?s a good idea to move to another bench. I' ve been here for about 15 years and have always liked it...until I went to request a loan as a first home customer. Once it was proved that I had comprehensive cover and my balance was suddenly opened for tens of millions of dollars, I never had to pay back.

Whenever I call, they say, "We have no answer," I can't tell if the money won't go to my office. I' ve been doing bank business with HVFCU for a little over 3 years now. Both my fiancé and I want to buy a home, he also uses HVFCU and thought it would be a good notion to get the loan through them.

I' ve never had a Problem with them until it came to getting the loan. It' been the most unfortunate event of my entire lifetime. This was very non-professional and not good client services. My fiancé is also considering not working with the HVFCU. No one I would suggest getting HVFCU mortgages there though.

It was a mortgaging related HVFCU and the whole procedure has been a disillusion! but how do you suck a slam-dunk with astonishing credits? With them I keep several bank balances, several loan over the years, savings/check balances and corporate bankrolls.

I gave them a good critique until recently. and I' m going to close all my bankrolls. An easy credit uplift on one of my credits has turned into one of my oldest credits, which has been shut down and a new one opened. That will eventually result in my ever important credit notch falling because one of my oldest bankrolls is shut down, but also the myriad of hours I need to transfer all my information to the new CC#.

My company is small and I have a lot of valuable experience. But I don't need the headaches of the issue of timing that updates all my accounts information and possibly misses one that could result in deferred acquisition. And the loss of a large part of the credit story. I have been clearly stated my intention on several occasions and I was reassured that this would not be a concern.

Acquire your company elsewhere, where their staff can be correctly educated to keep you out in the long run, even if you are dealing with more traditionally bank time. Upon receipt of an undertaking deed from HVFC for a home loan on an established home 270 codes after being declared, we had EXCELLENT credit after being declared we had an EXTREME LOW DTI, after nearly a months of back-n-forth we were declared that they would now deny mortgages because it is not 210-rated.

WARNUNG: If you are looking for a pre-fabricated house loan, look here! It was a big bench years ago, but unfortunately it went downhill.............. I' d recommend to go to any other bench in Hudson Valley. and now HVFCU, Charter One, Citizens, Chase, SEFCU. The HVFCU clearly distinguishes itself from the others, especially in terms of after sales services.

Last year+, since I entered the HVFCU, it has been a great year. and it was a second to me. I have since applied everything I can to the HVFCU and it is now my main financial institute for everything.

I' m very satisfied with this credit cooperative and I'm sure I'll use it for anything I can do in the future, and I'll definitely be recommending it to all my boyfriends and my mates. They' re really cute. Most horrible is the telephone support, like Citibank (which sucks) you get a "call center" number, a long telephone waiting, and they can not always help, then maybe you can be begging to get a financier waiting. ý Totally disastrous! ý very non-professional and ineffective. ý showed absolute disrespect for their clients. ý If you do not want trouble I do not recommending theirs.

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