Hudson Valley Drive

The Hudson Valley Drive

Experience New York at your own pace on one of the state's famous scenic routes. You' ll have local drive-ins on Wednesday. Pictures of the Hudson Valley Drive International Festival screenings, premieres, parties and special events. For all other drivers a travel information applies. The Hudson River Valley is described by Lonely Planet as "a real city trip, with green drives, wineries and a variety of farm to table options.

The Hudson Valley Drive

Overlook and Hyde Park drive-in cinemas have been an important part of Hudson Valley for over 60 years. Hyde Park Drive-In was founded in 1949 when Sidney and Ida Cohen started to grow their smallholding. in Poughkeepsie in 1955, and the remainder is over.

One of the owner's sons is Barry Horowitz, who has worked with his spouse Carol at Hyde Park Drive-In for 51 years: and we' re the only drive-in cinema in the land that belongs to the national park service."

Family members and undergraduates from all over the countryside come to their meadows to watch the latest films and get some nostalgic memories. "Over the years we have received more and more foreigners," Horowitz said. It' about 7pm on a Saturday evening, half an hours before Sully is due to leave Hyde Park Drive-In.

There are also many domestic animals on the lawn, as both Hyde Park and Overlook are dog-friendly. If you love films or just want to be a sequel to this historical establishment, visit the Overlook Drive-In Theatre on Degarmo Road in Poughkeepsie over the next few weeks for some Halloween celebrations of the coming Halloween time.

Hudson Valley Magazine - May 2014

Once you reach the drive-in, which has a 56 foot window, your windscreen is immediately washed. Once you have acclimated into a room, you have the option of ordering a full menu delivered directly to your vehicle at the delicacies on the booth (ice creams, sweets, milk shakes, chocolates, and of course popcorn) or at the Four Brothers Restaurant.

Editor's note: At the moment of the media we were informed that Fair will be reopened for another year, but unfortunately it should not be. We keep the text of our printed history here as a homage to one of our favourite open-air theatres. Farewell, Fair Wells!

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