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About a decade ago Hudson was a small town in the hinterland where there was hardly anything but a settin. The New Yorkers are leaving the Hamptons standing for a hot target in the north. Just a two-hour drive from New York City, Collective Hudson Valley is the ideal inland vacation. Explore the Hudson Valley by following the river. www. Hudson River Valley runs from north to south on the eastern edge of New York State.

The Hudson Valley Tourism Company Were Chosen for the Trends Conference

TOUGHKEPSIE - Dutchess Tourisme, Inc. DTI announces that it will host a conference on tourist trends at Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls on 4 April. It will start at 9:30 a.m. with a Dutchess County touristic partners conference exclusively for Dutchess County tourism-related companies and will then open from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to involve tourist facilities throughout the Hudson Valley area. the partners conference will feature a talk by Mary Kay Vrba, President and CEO of DTI, who will be discussing the state of Dutchess County travel, and how Dutchess will work to help companies and their innovation effort for next year.

Melaine Rottkamp, Vice President of the DTI, will be conducting this exercise. The DTI website directory is an important instrument for Dutchess tourist companies to attract prospective guests to the province. It will also launch the forthcoming DTI Audience Profiling Survey and DTI Strategy Plan, headed by Berkeley Young of Young Strategies, Inc., Charlotte, NC.

Specializing in research and strategy development for the global airline sector, Young Strategies has worked with more than 100 locations in 26 countries. Lunch with Empire State Development Chief Lecturer Ross Levi, E.D. of Commerce, at the Conference in the afternoons. Head of the legendary I Living NY programme to promote the development of tourists, Levi has contributed to monitoring the Governor's yearly tourist summit, the Adirondack and Catskill challenges and the Pathway Through Historical Patrimony Tourismeurs.

He has been instrumental in the emergence and evolution of the I lov new York lgt camp. First, "Innovators Leads the Way", will break some myth and show ways to take a new look at what companies are doing to be more innovating. He will also present methodologies to help determine the purposes and ultimate goals of destinations managers for the sustainable use of destinations and the managment of overtourism.

He is an experienced tourist pro with a wealth of experience working with the China tourist sector. The Hudson Valley's tourist sector is New York's 4th industrial sector, accounting for 6.7% of all jobs in the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley has earned the third most popular tourist dollar after New York City and Long Island.

In 2016, visitors' expenditures on accommodation, meals, shops and tourist activities in the area surpassed $3.5 billion, including $568 million in Dutchess County. Tourism Trends Conference ticket costs $50 per seat and includes lunches.

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