Hudson Valley Destinations

Fuerteventura Hudson Valley Destinations

Feeling that a region is a destination also increases regional pride. So how do you show the Hudson Valley? You should definitely visit one of the many top destinations in Albany during your stay. The agricultural heartland of New York has also become a food destination. Dans la magnifique vallée de la rivière Hudson, l'histoire de l'Amérique prend vie.

The Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley is home to Bear Mountain, Breakneck Ridge, Anthony's Nose and some other well-known places, but as you can get there easy by rail, we avoid these places instead of those further up in the Valley. Wherever "upstate" begins for us, is the breathtakingly stunning Shawangunk Ridge.

Situated outside the picturesque New Paltz hilltop city, renowned for climbing on rocks and glaciers, you'll find Minnewaska State and Mohonk and Sam's Point Preserves. It is a country with crystal-clear brooks stretching over several falls, three seas and spectacular outlooks.

Minnewaska offers a full day's recreation, a berry pick in our hidden places, a swim in cold water pools or a walk to the many falls, among them those known only to local people and guide.

Strange day trips: Kandy's photo compendium of Strange Hudson Valley/Catskills Places +'Atlas Obscura' wish book

Deserted cemetery on Route 212, Woodstock. I' ve been to a number of strange places in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. I' ve been crawling through disintegrating, deserted plants along the Hudson River, waddling on shaky flooring in derelict mid-century Catskill resort and have definitely found more than once (mostly unintentionally) an old cemetery, an eviscerated stony chapel from the nineteenth or the remains of a haunted city, a former coal mine congregation or a junior basketball school.

Anatlas Obscura seems to have been caused with locals like me in mind to ( "Imagine my discharge when I found out that there are many, many other weird ones out there in the worid planning a whole vacation around where the nearest available remains are located) so it's no wonder I have dropped down their bunny hole of fascinating destinations and points of interest all around the area.

Here are some remains and extraordinary places I have been exploring in the last few years. There' s still a million weird places in the Hudson Valley and Catskills I have yet to discover, but thanks to my desperate atlas obscura possession, I know exactly where to find them. I have three Atlas Obscura locations on my itinerary::

Denings Point Ruins, Beacon, Dutchess Co: I' ll never miss the opportunity to visit an empty brickworks on the Hudson River (located in Dutchess County, just South of Dia:Beacon). Deserted Dutch reform graveyard, Beacon: "He clearly spoke to me in this tune because nothing makes me more happy than tripping over some deserted graveyard doors.

It is connected to the Reformed Fishkill Landing District which is the oldest in Beacon and is virtually a few paces from the Metro North in Beacon. Steinkirche Dover Plains, Dover Plains, Dutchess Co: An easy walk takes you right to the "door" of this natural cathedral-like cliff 30 min eastwards from Poughkeepsie and proves once again that Mother Earth is a winner when it comes to chill.

Do you know any strange places in the Catskills or Hudson Valley that are well deserved to be discovered?

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