Hudson Valley Day Trip Ideas

Hudzon Valley Day Trip Ideas

It is an important source of wealth, ideas and artistic expression for the whole valley. A road trip would not be complete without music. Here are a few other ideas for the return journey:. Are you looking for more ideas for your next road trip? Feel your days filled with art in the three very different museums of the region.

The top 70 days of tours for your recreation.

At the end of our term, the wheather looks great and we start to fill our long schooldays. We are sure that if you are planning daily excursions this season, we have a number of places, from theme park to museum, we are sure you will find a few places you can include in your schedule!

Speedway Accord - Get race-on-Friday evening with Mid Week Madness during the summers. Bearded Mountain Sanctuary - Bear Mountain has four museum and a wildlife area. There are also guided visits and specific activities during the year. Next to Bear Mountain Animal Park, you can take a stroll around the pond, hire a pedalo, go for a horseback trip at the roundabout or go for a barbecue near the chalet!

We are Bear Mountain, NY (845) 786-2701(845) 786-2701. The Belleayre Beach is the place for boat riding, swim and enjoy the sun! Valleycottage, NY (845) 268-4000(845) 268-4000....Wait! 65 more days out! click HERE to see the full itinerary.

Hudson Valley Day Trips (R): Escape Id.....

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New Year' s Eve Excursions in the Hudson Valley (and beyond)

Here is a Question for dauntless RV travellers and other snow vacationers: are you going to travel through the Hudson Valley this holiday season? No. You will be thrilled, because the best New Year's Day locations in our area await to help you party. If you travel with children or are on the way, don't miss the opportunity to welcome them to the valley in 2015.

Places of amusement on and off the Hudson Ring in the New Year with specific adult activities. There are three particularly interesting options for travellers to Hudson Valley this New Year's Eve. The Kingston's Stockade District is the place to stop for a huge adult festival of eating, drinking and musical comedy.

In collaboration with Uptown Kingston, Magic Hat Brewing Company and Chronogram, the third yearly New Year's Eve brick event starts at 8pm near Wall and North Front Streets and offers all-night beverage promotions, a balloon dropping, fancy dress events, dance and more. Nothing like a vacation on the sea.

Embark on a luxury yacht charter trip on the Lac du Saint Sacrement, one of New York's biggest barges, for a celebratory champagne-at-midnight trip across the lakes. There is also an early supper and New Year's Day Crusade with a sparkling wine break. Combination of a middlenight count down and a firework display of fast-paced games in a 44,000 square meter arcade and you have a New Year's Eve you'll recall.

Travellers to the area who like gambling should take a look at this extravagant vacation. Travelling with the familiy? That'?s no excuse to stick around on New Year's Eve! On December 31st, come to one of these family-friendly parties. In Valhalla, New Year' s Eve, skate under the star and enchant the children with more than two million chains of candles.

A part of the Wonderland celebrations from Thanksgiving weekends to the first weeks of January, this event will attract people of all age groups to the Winter RV. Here is another festivity in town with a hearty night dance, firework and life-tunes. Purchase a radio and take the shuttles between the locations for concerts, children's shows and comedies, while the city's urban monuments, museum, churches and shops open their gates to you.

Do you plan to be in the Poughkeepskie area on New Year's Eve? Spend a single day of RV camp in an area of RV parks and then take fearless trekkers on a New Year's walk along the 1.28-mile walk over the Hudson. Entrance to Poughkeepsie and Highland, this notable trail climbs 21 floors above the Hudson River and offers New Year' s Eve trekkers memorable outlooks.

New York's Hudson Valley is always a good time for a good drive, thanks to the wealth of picturesque cities, hamlets and state parklands. Those who defy the coldness to make another journey during the holiday season can enjoy the region's New Year' s Eve festivities and parties.

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