Hudson Valley Cruise from Nyc

The Hudson Valley Cruise from Nyc

Be it a private cruise on the Hudson River or a trip to West Point for a weekend game with a yacht cruise from Eastern Star Cruise of NYC. Discover NYC from the water on a told ferry trip. Date, terminal, cruise ship, itinerary. Autumn is a wonderful time for a cruise on the Hudson River. Hudson Valley's breathtaking foliage is so vast that it's hard to catch everything on foot!

she welcomes you on this wonderful waterway through the Hudson Valley.

Join the New York State Tour Boat Association on a cruise on one of the beautiful New York State's eastern highways.

We specialize in picturesque Lake George cruising, which includes one-hour trips, beach cruising, dining cruise, fireworks cruise and entertaining cruise. Fifty-seven Beach Road, three fine ships, one of which is an genuine steamship that offers a wide range of cruise services on the Queen of the American Lakes, Lake George. of Hudson Catskill's regions.

Lightthouse Tours, Hudson-Athens Ferry, Private Charter, Company Event, Fundraising, School Trips. sight-seeing and themed trips. The Hudson River cruise, Inc. Cruise the mighty Hudson River aboard the M/V Rip Van Winkle. You will enjoy told tours past picturesque beacons, large properties and stunning vistas of the Catskill Mountains. The Hudson River Adventures, Inc.

The Pride of the Hudson. View of the Hudson River. Rafting, Scout & Excursions. Wedding charters, fundraisers, company meetings. The River Rose for the best views of the Hudson River! Celebrate a cruise with your own brunch, dinner & dance party. Excursions, company parties, weddings.

Take a relaxed, inspirational and breath-taking trip through the water, which we are proud to call home. It will be back in operation in 2019. Sail from Bay Shore Marina. Ecotours, lunches and dinners on the Great South Bay. Personal charter. Symantec Ferry Services, Inc. A ferry connection to Fire Island Pines & Cherry Grove.

Ferry service provider on Long Island Sound since 1883. The South Ferry Company, Inc. The South Ferry Road, which has been operated by six successive Clarks generation since the beginning of 1800. Works between Shelter Island and North Haven on Long Island's South Fork. The South Ferry Company, Inc. The South Ferry Company, Inc. The South Ferry Company, Inc.

TOMOKA provides an unforgettable adventure, from wonderful sunsets to instructive eco-tours around Lake Montauk.

Join four astonishing autumn leaf trips on the Hudson River this autumn.

Only a few nature phenomenon cause as much commotion as the annual change of the sheets from light foliage over light yellows to dark red-brown. Okay, maybe this year's autumn sunset will be over, but that's it. New Yorkers looking for the best foliage peeling adventure will want to leave town and take a look at the beautiful Hudson River tree line while the Central Park is beautiful.

Fortunately, there is no lack of autumn leaf boot trips to help you fix your alternate leaf. Hop aboard one of these four cruise ships for the autumn outing of your dream. A Circle Line cruise liner at Pier 83 will take you northbound to Bear Mountain State Park for the autumn outing.

You' ll cross the breathtaking rocks at the Palisades, Little Rey Lighthouse and the George Washington Bridge. You don't have a whole afternoon to see the different colours? Book a place on the 1920s styled Manhattan cruise. The cruise follows a much shortest path so that you have just enough free space to see the golden, reddish and reddish-brown palisade leaf.

You will also receive a free breakfast with mimosas, bloody mary or a cup of champagne. The skipper unfolds the master sails and takes you up the Hudson River and along the Upper West Side of Manhattan to cross the Palisades before turning southwards. Enjoy a selection of chocolate sanwiches and drink fine wines and beers while admiring the craftsmanship of Mother Nature.

You must cross the riverbank to Weehawken, New Jersey to embark on Majestic Harbor Cruises' sight-reading cruise. DJs will spin real time tunes while you drive to the scenic Palisade rocks for a refreshment break. Wines and drinks from the cocktail lounge just make the view sweet.

If you really want to dance this autumn, you can take even more luxurious full days tours like a Hudson Valley blade peppering trip by chopper or an autumn leaves, vine and cheeses trip from Beacon, New York.

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