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User names and password Mon - Friday, 8.00 - 17.00 Daylight saving time: The Registration Information Center is at the Student Secretariat and provides assistance to Hudson Valley WIReD (Web Information and Registration Direct) undergraduates. Is the checklist My Registration useful?

If you need help to identify and/or troubleshoot your user name and passwords, see Student User Name and Help Center. The enrolment procedure can also be useful for the student during the enrolment procedure.


A copy officially signed by the College and the Chancellor is a paper requested by higher education institutions, academia and future employer. A certificate will only be sent on students' prior application in writing. Students can order a copy as follows: There' s a $10 charge to the registry office to send an informal copy.

Fax inquiries are handled with the inquiries arriving by post. As a result of Swiss legislation, e-mail inquiries cannot be regarded as approval for the disclosure of transcription information.

Registration and other frequently asked questions

Where can I get college credits for my high schools? If you make an appointment with your tutor, ask him or her if one of your courses is available for a student loan. In this case, you will receive the SRI (Student Record Information) from your supervisor. Fill out this application and send it to your mentor or college.

With this the enrolment procedure begins. For more information, see the following section "How do I enroll for college credits? Can I use the college loan? If you are applying for college, you will be asked if you already have college funds. Collegiate credits that you make by signing up through Hudson Valley Community College will generate a college protocol.

They can use this balance in Hudson Valley or move it to another college until it is valued. It is advisable to ask the registry office to forward a copy of your certificate directly to the higher education institutions to which you are applying. A list of the possibilities of transfer and articulating arrangements with other higher education institutions and institutions of higher education can be found on our page entitled Transfers Services.

Classes that will be available through this programme for the 2017-2018 academic year will be $55 per loan per lesson. Can I apply for a student loan? Fill out the Student Record Information (SRI) from your supervisor. Give it back to your tutor or college: The Hudson Valley Community College, Registry Office - GUN 136, 80 Vandenburgh Avenue, Troy, NY 12180.

If the Hudson Valley Community College registry will receive your SRI application you will be scheduled for college accreditation. Shipment is carried out every week from about 60 working nights before the course starts and up to two to three working nights before the course starts.

In case we do not get your SRI forms before our payment for the duration, you have to collect your invoice at the cash desk. To register for the student loan, you must submit your Hudson Valley Community College Student Fee invoice and a residence certificate by the due date of the invoice.

This will be noted on your study invoice if you need one. For more information on this application you will find in the section Residence certificate. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. You will be registred after your order has been paid. A timetable is issued to the pupil, which contains the lesson hours, the room allocations and, if applicable, the teachers' name.

I don't want the student loan? So if you don't want the college loan, just don't fill out the SRI paper. You will be deleted from the college file if you do not cover your Hudson Valley fees. Please note: If you have enrolled for more than one course within a certain period and only want to register for one course, the non-payment of the second course does NOT release you from the obligation to cover fees for the following years.

The registry office must be informed in written form that you intend to cancel further classes within a certain period of time. Please read the following guidelines for refunds, additions and withdrawals if you decide to make any changes after you submit your transaction. Please see the respective timetable for enrolment deadlines.

Any reimbursement must be requested in written form from the registry office. Receipt date of your college letters is the date of entry into force of the reimbursement invoice. Reimbursements will be made in accordance with the Hudson Valley Community College reimbursement plan. IMPORTANT: An formal resignation is necessary.

Failure to attend classes, notification of teacher's resignation or suspension of a cheque used for classes does NOT represent an effective right of rescission and WILL NOT alter the Teacher's responsibility for the classes. The student should allow two to three week to receive a reimbursement claim. Please see the enrolment schedule for the respective semesters for a complete reimbursement period schedule.

Students may apply in written form to join or cancel a course with the consent of a supervisor within the time limit specified in the enrolment calender. Adding a course immediately results in an obligation to pay a course fee. Payment slips can be obtained from the registry or from the study counselling service and must be duly completed and duly completed by the study advisor.

Students are responsible for returning the application to the Registrar's Secretariat by the date indicated in the application calender. Cancellation of participation or notification to the course teacher does not count as justified cancellation. IMPORTANT: Resignation from a course may have an impact on your reputation and/or your support.

Which is the politics about the university position when I start a college in high school course? When you are planning to enroll at Hudson Valley Community College in the near term, your college achievement in high school courses will be taken into account in the determination of your enrollment, funding and sporting aptitude.

The marks "W" (drop-out), "F" (failure) or "Z" (absence without resignation) can influence your university reputation. When you are considering to withdraw from a course or are unsure whether you should take a course, please consult the secretariat to talk about possible implications.

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