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The Hudson Valley Community College Athletics

The HVCC announced 2017 Athletic HOF grade TROY, N.Y. >> The Hudson Valley Community College Athletics Department is proud to announce the members of the 2017 Hall of Fame Class. 2017 class will also be honoured at half-time of the soccer match when Hudson Valley Community College holds the Milford Academy on Saturday, October 7 at 1 p.m.

The Hall of Fame class will include Lindsey Bradt '02, Tracy Chesebrough (Sears) '07, Kristina Jenkins '07, Emmanuel Marc '05 and Darnell Stapleton '05.

Former chief trainer Robert Jojo (1997-04), long-time track and field fan Willie Hammett (1971-03) and the national ice hockey squad 2000-01 will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame. All-American is one of the most awarded students in the Hudson Valley Community College story.

Bradt, a two-athlete, is a two-time Lester Higbee Memorial Award winning contestant and has three top female athletes with the highest score in sports careers (1,164), most points in a singleseason ( (669) and most points in a singleseason (40 vs. Finger Lakes).

A two-timed Regional 3 player of the year, Bradt took the country's best Vikings to the 2001-02 Regional 3 Championship and was voted the most valuable player in the Regional 3 tournament before taking 7th place in the National Tournament. She has a 51-9 record and ended her carreer with an average of 19.

Four points, 7. 8 reboounds, 3. 5 assist and 2. 9 steal per match. She is the first and only schoolgirl in the school's story to have earned more than 1,000 points in her professional life, which earned her a full sports grant from St. Michael's College in Vermont, where she was honors.

Hudson Valley Community College Athletics withdrew into retirement on May 14, 2002 during the yearly athletics award banketing and became the first and only pupil athletes to retire their jerseys. Being a two sports competitor, Bradt took the Viking Softwareball programme to new levels in her only 2002 outing.

The Vikings ended the year with an intersection of 390 strokes when they won the Mountain Valley Conference Championship, the school's first Regional 3 softball championship, before ending their careers as Vice National Player of the 2002 National Tournament and receiving the National First Team All-Tournament and moststanding outplay.

Tracy Chesebrough (Sears) was one of the more dominating jugs in the 2007 NJCAA Division 3 and Hudson Valley Community College years. Chesebrough (Sears), a two-time Mountain Valley Conference Player of the Year, established the NJCAA Division 3 Single-Season strike-out with 380 during the 2007 campaign and has the NJCAA Division 3 Careers strike-out with 678.

Throwing five no-hitters (seven in her career) during her senior year, Chesebrough ended with a 25-8 score while passing the NJCAA Division 3 with a 0. 72-run-average, 380 strikesouts in 193. For the 2007 Lester Higbee Memorial Award winner as the most outstanding female athlete ended her career with a 47-14 score, a 0. 96 minicule acquired - run-average with 678 scores in 379.

She went on to the College of Saint Rose where she received the awards for the second Team NE-10 All-Conference and Division II Daktronics/CoSIDA Softball Northeast Second-Team All-Region. It discontinued the Holy Rose Record with 224 strike-outs in a single time period and ended third in Division II in strike-outs per seven innings with 11.

During her two-year stint at Hudson Valley Community College, Jenkins was one of the best women bowl players in the country, winning the Kerm Helmer Award as Individual All-Event Champion and leading the Vikings to second place at Nationals for the second year running. Jenkins, a Region 3 champion, was introduced in August 2007 in Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crowd section and had the Vikings number 16 in the last Bowling Writers Association of America survey, the highest score among all two-year high schools in the country.

She has been nominated NJCAA Betty Jo Graber Achiever of the Year and Lester Higbee Memorial Award Laureate as the most outstanding Achiever. Ms. Hudson ended her Hudson Valley carrier as a two-time NJCAA All-American and two-time First Office All-Region sophomore. After graduating from and attending the University of Central Florida to pursue her bowl playing careers, Jenkins later joined the United States Congress Congress College Level Teams, where she took second place in 2008 and first place in 2009.

He was one of the most productive proactive threat in the Hudson Valley Community College story. In 2003, he was voted NJCAA Attacking Player of the Year after running the NJCAA at 1,769yard on 273 Carrys for 17 touch downs, an average of 196. Six Yards a match.

He has been voted the most offensive player in the JC Football team, a member of the All-USA Ironman Team and the North East Football Conference Offensive Player of the Year. In spite of a 29-23 losses in the 2003 Graphic Edge Bowl, Marc was appointed offensive Most Valuable Player after chasing for 269 ranks, the third most common yard in grammar schoolship.

Walking Back was introduced in the January 19, 2004 issue of Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crown after his second year at Hudson Valley Community College, where he broke the schooling history with 30 toutdowns and 3,273 trails. He has the highest number of touchdown wins in a match (5), the highest number of touchdown wins in a singleseason (18) and the highest number of fastest yard wins in a singleseason (335).

Also, he has the third (269), forth (268) and fifth (265) most hurrying yards in a singles match at Hudson Valley Community College. He went to Delaware State University, where he captured the 4th most common yard in a 1,230-yard campaign and won the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference All-Conference and MEAC Player of the Week honor.

Later he became a member of the Montreal Allouettes in the Canadian Soccer League (CFL) and won the 2010 Grey Cup. He still holds spring dip high soccer records in a 1,566-yard time period and was called All-State, All-Section, All-County and All-League during his VARITY-Carreer. Started on the device for two years, Stapleton acquired First Team North East Soccer Conference and NJCAA Honorable Mention All-American Awards during his time at Hudson Valley Community College.

He completed his studies and continued his soccer carrier as a scholar at Rutgers University. A Rimington Award finisher as one of the best college centres, he was at Rutgers and played in two successive bowling matches. He was a free spy for the Pittsburgh Steelers where he was the first Hudson Valley winner of a Super Bowl. Did you know that Stapleton was the first Pittsburgh Steelers to do so?

The Hudson Valley Community College honoured Stapleton and his Super Bowl Championship with Darnell Stapleton Day on March 19, 2009. Jojo, the most successful executive trainer in programme development with 42 professional wins (.667), led the Hudson Valley Community College programme to four Regional 3 Championships (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004) and three North East Soccer Conference (NEFC) Championships (2001, 2003, 2004).

Trainer Jojo's 2003 side won a place in the Graphic Edge Bowl, where Emmanuel Marc hurried for 269 and won the game's Most Valuable Player Awards. Jojo has been nominated NEFC Coaching of the Year three years and also received the Paul Bishop Awards for Best Trainer at Hudson Valley Community College in 2004.

Trainer Jojo looked after his students' team, helping them reach their sporting ambitions beyond Hudson Valley Community College. He trained 90 students in four-year colleges, 20 students in Division I facilities and two students in the National Football League (NFL).

With four students winning NEFC Player of the Year Awards, eight NJCAA All-Americans (three First Team members) and another classmate from 2017, Emmanuel Marc was appointed NJCAA National Offensive Player of the Year in 2003. Mr. Hammett was Vice President of Services at Hudson Valley Community College from 1971-2003.

He has been part of the Viking community since 1964 when he visited the Hudson Valley to play volleyball and crosstalk. In 1965-66 he acquired All-Tournament and All-Area Junior College squad positions after guiding the squad in assist and free-throw target practice. Mr. Hammett pursued his professionalism as a two-year member of the West Virginia State University football club.

Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Services, Hammett designed the Disability Resource Center, the Hudson Valley Community College Daycare Center and the Collegiate Academic Support Programme (CASP) offices on-campus and has served as the immediate overseer for the sports group. One pair of Seasons away from a 2-15 recording in 1999, the Hudson Valley Community College Men's Field Triathlon programme posted a 22-4 record, capturing its first national championship in programme history. 2-15 years later, the Hudson Valley Community College icehockey programme was the first of its kind in the world.

Headed by Ron Kuhl, the Vikings' boss trainer of the 4th year, the Vikings put together a series of 16 victories to end the 2000-01 series. He was awarded Regional 3 and EJUCO Coaching of the Year for the succes of his work. Vikings were headed by NJCAA Regional III Most Valuable Player Jason Vasco and First Team All-Region members Mike Paine and Phil Usas.

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