Hudson Valley Community

The Hudson Valley Community

Interested in learning more about Hudson Valley communities, school districts and commuting information? The HUDSON - Four antique store owners in the city were charged with felonies Tuesday in connection with the illegal sale of ivory, county and state officials said. Down below are the Hudson Valley communities that have made the list:. When you get to Hudson Valley, don't miss it! Festiva Capella & Bruderhof Choir in the beautiful Esopus Chapel.


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Welcome to, the on-line resource for purchasing or reselling your home in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City. Interested in finding out more about Hudson Valley municipalities, schools and commuting information? It' east of the Hudson River: Just west of the Hudson River:

Browse, match and choose all Hudson Valley houses, cabins, condominiums, new buildings and plots. Store your queries and preferred listing for later verification, receive e-mail alerts for all Hudson Valley deals and discounts, and even plan your listing on-line. You want to know what's going on in the Hudson Valley?

Our Hudson Valley blogs feature our neighbourhoods, activities, community companies and property stories on a regular basis. Some of the information on the properties for rent or purchase on this website is provided by HGMLS. Property advertisements owned by agents other than the property company are identified by the HGMLS label or an abstract logotype and contain detailled information about them, including the name of the agent.

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The Hudson Valley communities have received millions of government grants.

Governor Andrew Kuomo said that six Hudson Valley communes have received more than $8 million as part of his Restore New York campaign. "People living in the city are essential for our economy to flourish and to attract companies and homes that have their origins in New York," said Chu.

"Restore New York Community Initiative identifies New York Community with great growth and investment in its transition and futures, making it a neighborhood proud to call home."

It will demolish and refurbish 16 empty and dilapidated structures and convert six of them into new mixed-use structures. New Rochelle Municipality -- $1 million to refurbish the New Rochelle Armory, complete refurbishment of the building as part of Echo Bay Waterfront Redevelopment, which will include removing the rooftop, removing asphalt and adding interiors.

This unoccupied, 10,000 m2 large edifice will be modernised with a baker's shop on the first level and the second level will be converted into eight office spaces.

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