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Their party will be amazing - so why not the absolute best Hudson Valley catering service make it a delicious & unforgettable affair? Full-service catering company that creates handmade events with rustic-fresh menus presenting the seasonal bounty of Hudson Valley, NY. We have a bright, spacious kitchen located in Garrison, New York, an hour north of New York City in the Hudson Valley. WHENEweekly Weddings Catering Corporate Social Events Beverages.

Suzie Hudson Valley's Black Eyed Suzie Catering Service serves up north of New York with healthy take catering meals.

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Saving 10% on your meal and staff when you reserve an activity that will take place in January, February, March, April 2018. We are a full-service catering company specialising in one-of-a-kind and personalised marriages and special occasions in the Hudson Valley and beyond. As we know, the most fresh and freshly seasoned produce the most delicious dishes, and this has been our policy of working with farmers and vendors since our establishment in 1998 - making us an innovative chater.

We are an off-site catering company and distinguish ourselves through the craftsmanship in our uniquely located caterers. When it comes to eating, we believe in expanding our expertise; we are always working on new prescriptions and specifics.

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A Hudson Valley farm-to-table catering company and a 20 year long spearhead of the Hudson Valley's sustainability community, we are excited about the idea right up to the dinner tables and create tailor-made meals that show the Hudson Valley's seasons! Using Hudson Valley Farms and suppliers and choosing the best available ingredient, we create individual meals to enhance your uniqueness.

WOMAN: Five Hudson Valley Farm to Table Caterer.

If I ask a couple what is most important to them for their big days, I keep hearing inquiries for good music. They want not only good meals, but also traditional, regional, seasonal and unforgettable experiences. Luckily for us, New York City and the area have such a great dining style that it's not too difficult to fulfill this wish.

We also live in the Hudson Valley and have so many farmers and craftsmen making astonishing meals. You will find below five Hudson Valley Caters using local produce to make individual meals for each kind of occasion. The Hunt & Harvest is designed on a very easy basis to take the best from the local farmhouses to your weddings, events or meetings.

Working in tandem with our local farmers, fruit gardens and grocers to put a slice of the Hudson Valley's wealth of agricultural traditions on your desk. We are working to improve the money on the farm's head is the show's celebrity, and we are working to improve it even further while bringing its innate flaw.

Headquartered in Kingston, grounded caterers create a truly original and exquisite kitchen for Hudson Valley parties and functions. Under the direction of Chef Linda Laestadius, Groundfloor is committed to delivering the fresest foods using locally grown biological and biodynamic produce and a sustainable approach. You work with your customers to create the ideal meal for any occasion, offering a wide variety of dining choices, from top class cooking to the most comfortable meals.

Bridging Creek Catering uses the principle "from farmyard to table" to offer an unforgettable, handmade, saisonal kitchen. A Hudson Valley farm-to-table catering company and a 20 year veteran of the community's sustainability approach to groceries, they are dedicated to delivering groceries from conception to the dinner tables, and create bespoke meals that showcase the Hudson Valley's seasonality!

You will use Hudson Valley Farms and suppliers and select the best available ingredient while we design tailor-made meals to enhance your uniqueness. The Hudson Valley has many flavours - products, meat, cheese, bread, wines and liquors. Your cooks use the entire range of the region to make a creative, artistic ally refined cook.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a dining or dining experience, comfortable dining or a more demanding range, we will work with you to design a meal to suit your own tastes and styles and to complement your event location. Are you looking for more help to plan your Hudson Valley marriage? mail us!

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