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full-service catering for the Hudson Valley, Westchester County and Northern NJ area. Catering and caterers in the Hudson Valley and beyond have Aroma Thyme, in Ellenville, covered you. We are a full-service caterer specializing in unique and personalized weddings and events in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Most complete and trusted catering options on the market! So why not have the absolute best Hudson Valley catering service that makes your party a tasty and unforgettable experience?

Catering at the Hudson Valley Catering

Feel good food and our experience are brought to every celebration, including our award-winning celebrity celebrities and cooks. We help you plan every detail of your events, from the search for the right place to the creation of the ambience and sound that best expresses the ambience you want.

We co-ordinate everything you need: desks, bed linen, stools, table decoration, illumination and decoration. With so many creatives living in Hudson Valley, we can refer musician, DJ, florist, light expert and more. Every single one of our events.

Meals for Hudson Valley and Northern NJ

Innercredible Catering provides full-service catering at any venue. The off-premises menu is tailored to your needs, your lifestyle and your individual tastes. From the beginning to the end we are specialized in the creation of tailor-made arrangements, be it an elegance weddings, a relaxed occasion or a corporate BBQ, from 100 to 10,000 people.

Skilled personnel serve any interior, regardless of type and location: country manor house, water garden, wine cellar, or more. There is the ideal choice of menus to complete any place of your choice. If you have not yet chosen an appropriate venues, our organisers will be happy to help you. Select the Hudson Valley or Northern NJ locations and we take care of every part of your business so you can really unwind and really start enjoying your outing.

Catering Hudson Valley Caterer - Hudson Valley Farm to Table Restaurants

We are pleased to be part of your enjoyment, which is why we strive to provide you with the best service for an memorable occasion. Our experiences in organising catering arrangements have led us to the idea that there are two things that make a person happy: "No matter what the occasion, be it a barbecue, a 40-year anniversary celebration or a marriage, the organizers want to be comfortable and trustworthy with the host of the meeting.

You want to know that the meal will be great, the personnel will have things under control and the customers will have it. It is Jamie's commitment to provide excellent consumer services, and Marcus' quest is to bring the best natural foods to the dinner fois. At Jamie we are pleased to help you with the clarification, planning and organisation of the best events.

As a rule, we will create your catering meal to measure. Beverages Fresh Lemonade $19. 99 GallonHerbal, Green or White Ice Tea $19. 99 Gallon*White, Red & Sparkling Wine from $14. 99 per *Craft Beer from $4*CocktailsWe can also offer typical cocktails for your events *Alcohol is only available for the full range of services and is serviced by our staffSELECT A SERVICE Pick the food and the services that fits your eventage.

Complete service We take the smokers to you with a pits team and service personnel. We' re taking over from a cook, waiter and even a barkeep. The full service price depends on how many employees you want and how many lessons you need. We' re bringing the smokers and a cook.

Smokers are eye-catchers. Only a cook will provide this kind of food for you. DISPLAY OFF WITH SERVERSYou receive the same slowly boiled quality, but without the cook and smokers on the premises. However, our employees will take good charge of your visitors. Both you and your patrons can enjoy the peace and quiet in the backyard.

SUPPLYIf you still want your place and just the meal, we have it under cover. We' re just dropping off the meal or setting it up so it's good to go. There may be costs for shipping and services. At a certain point in the day, PICK-UPCome takes you to the hotel and we will charge you with your meal - warm and done - in one-way casseroles.

Disposable plates, dishes, napkins, serving utensils & extra BBQ sauce are at your disposal.

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