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Beauharnois, Quebec. Articles about Hudson Valley Canada. See the best deals in Canada. The Toronto showroom now includes the largest Hudson Valley Lighting Gallery in Canada. Hudson Valley and other cool climates of the United States and Canada[J.

Meet Prince Edward County, Ontario-The Hudson Valley of Canada.

Although its story is long and proud, few Canadians - even outside Canada - know of Prince Edward Co. (PEC), Ontario. However, the earldom - two hrs eastward of Toronto and about the same range westward of Ottawa - is known for its richness in beautiful, easy-pleasure. Over the past few years, PEC has become a week-end option for Torontonians who do not want to stay half their weekends in jams to get to Muskoka and who like to travel the vineyard and eat inspiring dishes from farmyard to dinner to canoe and drink beers.

There are many returning to remain; the shire is full of Toronto Racing drop-outs and creative people upgrading old-motel buildings and opening wine cellars, designer companies and restaurateurs. During the entire rally of peasant towns like Picton, Bloomfield and Wellington that make up the PEC (it's actually an artificial lake in Lake Ontario), there are sandy shores, chilly old stores in old barn, plenty of space for walking, cycling and angling, and immaculately tended Victorian villas.

Wherever one StayCountry cozy to the consistently chilly Drake Hotel in Toronto, the Drake Devonshire Help to Put PEC on the Card, and still works a little more like an incubator for newcomers. Order the salmon in our restaurants and take in the magnificent view over the lak.

Two of Toronto's best friends, Sarah Sklash and April Brown, announced their urban employment and went to the countryside to open the June Estate. Once a run-down fishing lodge, today it is the ideal weekend retreat in Torontonians. On Thursdays, Laura Bauskamp, a member of the team at the hotels, organizes a special wine pop-up, and every evening there'mores roast.

As Prime Minister Trudeau invited his spouse Sophie on a surprise anniversary trip to the Shire, they lived at Angeline's Inn, a Victorian estate that brothers and sisters Alex and Melanie Fida had inherited from their fathers. One of Canada's best-dressed men by The Globe and Mail, Alex used his creativity and interiors to redesign the resort in what can best be described as "quirky nostalgia".

" Trudeau remained in Angeline's adjoining long hut, a centuries-old building that was gradually implanted in the land register. Whereto dine and drinkThe grocery scenery in the county would gratify every tired urbanite-es farmyard to the dinner table supervised by cooks who have been cooking at some of the world's best inns.

"We' ve got a totally over-qualified cook we don't deserve," joked Jonas Newman of County Road Bear Garden about cook Neil Dowson, who had previously been cooking at the Savoy in London. This enchanting Newman vineyard view road berry store (he also runs the Hinterland Vineyard and the County Road Berry Company), and guests meet for a jar of sour cherry-goze beers, a rustic-fresh pickle fillet of tomatoes and locally made beer-packed cod.

The Hayloft Dance Hall is just another daytime hayloft, but at nights the Hayloft is the funny place to celebrate in the shire, with the Strumbellas playing here playing real life tunes and tacos on the doorstep. Visit The Speakeasy at Agrarian, which is located in the cellar of Agrarian (a top rated inn in the county) to enjoy local food, drinks and weekend beers.

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