Hudson Valley Bp

The Hudson Valley Bp

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One possible cause for the intra-Allerød coldness season

Fresh glacier water runoff into the Atlantic during declaciation may have slowed the ocean thermohalin flow and is often posited as the cause of variations in weather conditions. However, the allocation of melt water runoff to certain vibration conditions is a problem, as the place, time and amount of melt water runoff are often insufficiently limited. The Hudson Valley and the north-eastern US rim provide proof of the time of the disastrous drainage of Iroquois glacial sea, which broke through the Narrows morainal embankment in New York City, discharged glacier sea sand in Hudson Valley and left large sedimental lobe on the New York and New Jersey shelves, about 13,350 years BC.

A 14°C surplus in the Cariaco Basin sediment indicates a slowdown in thermo-haline and thermal transfer to the North Atlantic, and both ocean and paleoclimatic land climate climatic proxies around the North Atlantic show a short-lived (

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