Hudson Valley Blaze

The Hudson Valley Blaze

You go to the Hudson Valley Jack-o-lantern Blaze. and the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze. Historic Hudson Valley membership is a ticket to fun and adventure all year round! Jack-O-Lantern flame shows thousands of pumpkins. It' a glittering glory in the Hudson Valley.

Big Jack O' Lantern Blaze

Three-state' largest and most exciting autumn show is back with more pumpkins than ever before! Walk through an ancient river scenery from the eighteenth to the present and explore a stunning spectacle - all from the streets of the city! Walk along our promenade and walk over the bridge over the pumpkin-sea.

At the next turn, you' ll see a breathtaking statue of Liberty climbing into the skies! Spin with adrenaline as you experience a fully functional 20-foot pumpkin carousel. Be enchanted by a colour-changing starshow in the Pumpkin Planetarium. Don't miss Sleepy Hollow Country's most iconic resident, the Headless Horseman....yes, all completely from behind the street!

Well, come and see moreja o'lanterns than ever before. Last year, the BlazeĀ®, which was out of stock every evening, attracted ten thousand people!

Behind the big Jack-o' lantern fire

Since the great Jack-o'-lantern Blaze on the historical grounds of the Van Cortlandt Manor provides a lot of visual material, Michael Natiello usually goes undetected when he is lurking between the paths. Mr Natiello, the Blaze's Creativity Manager since its inception in 2005, enjoys the anonymous nature. This was the second Blaze Sunday, which began on October 3 and will end on November 15, and Mr Natiello, 41, led a twilight walk through the artfully crafted gourds that were supposed to look like a dinosaur, totemic posts, robot, and a host of other things, some creepy, others not.

In its first year, the Blaze had more than 2,500 Jack-O' lanterns. Mr Natiello is happy to split the awards for the Blaze and praises the light and audio pros who provide a dramatic feature for the stations along the route. "The" Infinite Pumpkin" showed illuminated squashes that seemed to extend terribly into the forest skyline; a musical ribbon near the mansion seemed to inspire a bunch of gourd-skelettons.

Mr Natiello said that Martha Stewart also deserves some credit for the great results of the meeting. Mrs. Stewart, in whose TV show Mr. Natiello showed woodcarving technique, was one of these innovators; another was a Brooklyn collectivist named Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. This continent is made up of the Hudson Valley's hundred inhabitants who have learnt from the whispering, quietly speaking Mr Natiello.

Besides a barn with about 1,000 voluntary helpers who use and set fire to the pumpkin, 20 woodcutters work with Mr Natiello on site. This ambitions were maintained through work as a high scholastic instructor in Oregon and as a gallerist at the Dia Art Foundation in Beacon, N.Y., and resulted in a full-time position with Van Cortlandt Manor.

Afterwards he learnt the art of forging, joinery and brick making on the estate, which is a national historic landmark. "Now I have no more aspirations to be an historic illustrator," said Natiello. Instead, he sought to build the Great Jack-o'-lantern Blaze, which has become a year-round persecution, although he also acts as artistic directors for other Historic Hudson Valley shows.

Mr Natiello and Mr Schweitzer said that one aim every year is to establish a new feature that honours the site's story. For example, this year the trip added a parade of circuses that drew inspiration from the travelling artists who roamed the Hudson Valley at the end of the 19th century. When Mr Natiello was ready with the guided visit, numerous couples with prams queued up for the opening at 7 pm.

Jack-o' Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor, 525 South Riverside Avenue, Croton-on-Hudson. Information and tickets: 914-366-6900 or with the heading:

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