Hudson Valley Attractions

The Hudson Valley Attractions

FIRST HUDSON VALLEY WINE TRAVEL! Houses, Hayrides, Mazes and other creepy attractions. Looking for attractions in the Hudson Valley? Looking for activities in Hudson, NY? Any season is a good time to visit Hudson, NY.

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New York's Hudson Valley's identities - its landscape, its cuisine and its wines - depend to a large extent on its open space, as each journey along the region's curvy streets makes clear. As well as the vineyards, the Hudson Valley offers important places of U.S. historical interest as some of the richest 1900' s family came here to construct magnificent villas along the riverbanks.

Stop for a drink and take in the view of the Hudson River from the Beaux Arts-inspired Vanderbilt Mansion, made by Cornelius Vanderbilt's grandchild, or see what it was like at the home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of America's most famous president. Alternatively, go out to the field and gather your own raisins, bilberries or gourds at Greig Farm.

It' s all just a brief ride from the region's major wine estates, and the wide view of arable land and vines makes the trip worthwhile. During his second tenure, Franklin Delano Roosevelt drafted his president's own national first. It' standing next to his Hudson Valley house, where he maintained international giants like Winston Churchill.

On the Greig Farms you can choose your own products or eat on the Gigi's Market. For more than 60 years Greig Farms has been selling its own fruit and vegetable. This 500 hectare estate has 20 hectares of orchard and 100 hectares in a seasonal setting where you can choose your own products. Summers mean sweetcurrants, bilberries and brambles, while autumn offers 12 kinds of potatoes, strawberries, raspberries and 20 acre squash.

Gigi's farmyard fair serves traditional products and seasonal food. The Menashe Kadishmans suspend despite the force of gravitation in the midst of the Hudson Valley landscape. What kind of works of artwork can take up the scenery of the Hudson Valley? The guided tour takes you through the first and second floor of the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Frederick, Cornelius Vanderbilt's grandchild, began to build this 54 room house in 1898 as a comfortable withdrawal from the town. National Park services have maintained the beautiful 600 hectare property and the rooms of the manor house, which looks like a small chateau with its Beaux Arts outdoors. In addition to the view of the Hudson River, the visitor can take a 45-minute walk around the house, which includes the first and second floor area.

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