Hudson Valley Albany Ny

The Hudson Valley Albany Ny

Remember the date for this year's Hudson Valley Hops! The Hudson Valley, the largest community college in the Albany region. To discuss radio in the Hudson Valley and the capital region of New York. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reports about Hudson Valley Tile & Albany Marble in Albany, NY. Albany Post Road was the lifeline between New York City and the capital of Albania in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Student talks out after robbery investigation at Hudson Valley Community College

Female schoolgirl says she' s encouraging her not to call the cops about her being raped. "It is not okay to coerce yourself on or into another person," said the schoolboy. She says that after being abused by a schoolmate, she turned to a trustworthy prof. I have been assigned a Title IX Co-ordinator by my professor."

She was expecting a personal encounter with the co-ordinator, but instead she says she was scared when she went into a room with six clerks. Says what the title IX co-ordinator said next was disheartening. Although she was informed that it was possible to contact the cops, the pupil handed the case over to the university.

"Writing in review when a trainee is under sexual assault on a higher education campus, they have the choice to either cover campuses and turn him over to their lawsuit and they also have the choice to report off campus to community law enforcement," Lindsey Crusan-Muse, director of the Sexual Assault and Crime Victim Utility Program with St. Peters, said.

IX co-ordinator of the campus refused an interviewer in front of the cameras and instead the campus sent a declaration with the words: "UAS adheres to state and Federal laws, all student are aware of their legal status, with the right to file a public safety reports with the UAS, prosecution and/or state police" A committee of Hudson Valley student and student officers allows the suspected violator to return to class without penalty.

"They really felt like they wanted to do something about it, and now I'm just stunned," the pupil said.

Albany, NY

Besides its wealth of historical heritage (it is the oldest contiguous colony of the 13 colonies), our state capitol also has a flourishing art and cultural scene. Unlike New York City, you don't have to struggle with the masses of people and parking-nights. The Egg performing-arts centre and 15 memorial sites above the surface honour everything from World War II to disappeared people.

9:30 am The New York State is the oldest and biggest state museums in the world. And it's free! It is home to the Cohoes Mastodon, the historic Sesame Street, a fully functional 1912 Herschell-Spillman carousel and the World Trade Center Gallery with 9/11 exhibit.

Visit of the recently renovated New York State Capital Buildings at 11:00 (weekday trips begin at 12:00). 12:30 p.m. Only seven minutes on foot from the Captain is Amazonocina, where you can enjoy contemporary meals on the streets of Mexico in an ultra-cool ambience. Wellington' s, situated just outside the capital in the Renaissance Albany Hotel, offers small dishes, local US cuisine and first-class drinks for a more relaxed luncheon.

14.00 Opposite the car park of Amazonocina, there is the first church in Albany. In the vicinity is also the Castle Theatre, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and in the Albany Heritage Area Visitor Centre. 3:30pm The Albany Institute of history and artis houses 35,000 works of artwork and historic artifacts that document the Hudson Valley's past.

It also offers great activities for families, an arts room and a room for children's activities. 17.00 Visit of the C.H. Evans Kenning Co. in the Albany Pump Station for an "Albany Ale" before supper. The Evans familiy has been breeding since 1786.) For bar meals in a really large and noisy environment, remain in the pumping station.

The Olde English Pub is just a 1 min walking distance for a more private event, Fish'n' Crisps and a stout in a 1730s colonial bricks. Some Hamilton freaks may want to make a bite to pay a trip to the historic site of Schuyler Mansion State, where Alexander and Eliza were married. Guided visits are offered on a seasonal basis and the visitors' centre is open all year round.

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