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New York City Sunset Boat Tour. Enjoy unparalleled luxury at Mohonk Mountain House, one of the top ten resorts in New York State and the Mid-Atlantic. The Bear Mountain Bridge was the first bridge over the Hudson between New York and Albany. Sightseeing cruise NYC and see the city from the Hudson and East Rivers. A cruise down the Hudson, around the battery, then up the East River to the U.

N. before heading back.

Sightseeing in New York City: Manhattan Tour from Hudson

In an earlier posting on NYC Sights, I commended the Staten Island Holiday for unbelievable vistas of Lower Manhattan, One World Trade, the Statue of Liberty and the whole Manhattan free of charge city. Well, with a certain strategy (reaching the shuttle terminals before the line is formed, getting your place on the statue side of the vessel and creating an effective ribbon to return to the same shuttle), this is an ideal way to see the port and the Manhattanskie.

Last Saturday I tried one of these possibilities, namely a daily sailing on the Schooner America 2.0 of the Classic Harbour Line. While I was exploring boating possibilities for NYC, classic harbour harbor cruises had great resumes and the sailing boat I wanted. Powerboat cruising is a very common way to cross the harbour, but a sailing boat provides both a view of the harbour and the thrill of the sailing crews repairing and sailing the canvas to turn off the engine and really do it.

A further highlight - the ship was not overcrowded, which was a fresh diversion from Manhattan and more tourist excursions. It is a great way to get out on the ocean, not a trip. It was a calm and untold trip that contained beers and sodas and also featured wines and champagnes.

Our cruises also included a date, a ladies' outing, a doubles date, a peaceful stag night reception, family, photographers and individuals exploring the island. This is a wonderful boat and the newest member of the Classic Harbor Line.

From Chelsea Piers the journey leads down the Hudson River into the harbour, past the Statue of Liberty, stays at Lower Manhattan and goes back to Chelsea Piers. To maximise your view of Manhattan in broad daylight and not get too warm before the sailing boat exits the harbour breeze, try it in the evening (4:30-6:30) or at sundown.

Have a look at the pictures of my trip below. If you are not acquainted with Chelsea Piers, as I am, you will find the Classic Harbor Line Check-in outside behind the pier, not in it.

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