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Huderson Theatre Nyc Seat Card

See a seating chart for Head Over Heels at the Hudson Theatre. View the location of your Head Over Heels tickets, a view from your seat at the Hudson Theatre. Hudson Theatre tickets, events and information. Seat plan for Hudson Theatre, New York, NY. Colour-coded map of the seating plan with important seat information.

The Hudson Theatre Seating Plan & Map

As it can be very hard to find the right seating without the right seating arrangement, we take great pleasure in creating the best seating plans. We' re also trying to provide up-to-date seating previews from different parts of the event location to give you an idea of the scenery you will have from your seating position.

Please go to our Hudson Theatre seating page to see them. The Hudson Theatre can accommodate up to 970 persons, but unfortunately we cannot offer 970 seats per view, so the seating view we show is usually an example from different areas of a location. Or if the seating on this page is not quite what you are looking for, you may want to choose another Hudson Theatre seating from the above itinerary.

Once you have found the seating arrangements you are looking for and only want to see the New York venues, please see below: We are the right place to explore other Hudson Theatre venues:

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Seating plan - Hudson Theater Seating plan

The newest entrance to Broadway - the Hudson Theatre - is on 43th St., right next to Times Square. Nearly 50 years after its last Broadway production in 1968, the Hudson Theatre has come back in class and is one of the most advanced theatres on Broadway. When you want to go to the Hudson Theatre, you should go through these comprehensive Hudson Theatre seating arrangements to find the best places in the home.

Re-dedicated to the Hudson Theatre, the 1984 play hosts the 1984 play, a thrilling novel by George Orwell about the battles and bravery of an ordinary man in a war-ravaged country governed by a big brother. Let us go over the seating of the Hudson Theatre and help you find the best places for you.

Hudson Theatre was constructed and run by Henry B. Harris until his death with the downfall of the RMS Titano. The Hudson had a number of special architectonic characteristics when it was opened in 1903. The Hudson Theatre has been a favourite location for Broadway performances in New York since it opened in 1903.

The Ambassador Theatre Group rented the theatre in London in 2015 and converted it into one of the most advanced theatres on Broadway. Today, the renovated Hudson Theatre features brandnew UK black Indian flagstones and golden pillows on the seat instead of the traditional reds.

Hudson Theatre also offers some of the most spacious seating on Broadway. Whilst some theatres on Broadway are tense with 17-inch width seating, Hudson Theatre has 23-inch width seating. Hudson Theatre is one of the smaller theatres on Broadway. It has a seating for 976 people and is split into 3 separate areas - the large and spacious theatre band, the clothing circuit and the terrace.

It is understandable that you want the best seating to get the most out of your Broadway ride. Let us look at each section in detail and help you find the best places in the theatre. There are 474 seating places in the Philharmonic Department, split into two categories. There are 196 members in the first half of the ensemble, distributed over 10 lines, from line A to line K (there is no line I because of mix-up with the number 1).

Each seat is ranked from 101 to 125 and moves from right to l... Not only is this section nearest to the theatre, but it also provides a unique event and is designed to be the best places in the city. There are three parts to the second half of the ensemble - the central and the two sidechestras.

There are 164 seated in 10 lines, from L to U. The seating is ranked from 101 to 118 and moves from right to inches. There are 57 benches in 8 lines, from M to T. The benches are uneven from 1 to 15, from right to lefthand.

In its arrangement, the right hand band is similar to the one on the other. There are 57 even numbers of right-hand members from 2 to 16, from l. to r. There is no denying that the Hudson Theatre has the best places in the city. Not only do these seating offers you an undisturbed look at the platform, but also brings you nearer to the events.

Seating at the same standard as the theater is an everlasting and therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate Broadway adventure in the Hudson, go for seating in the orchestral section. But keep in mind that the places in the theatre are the most costly places in the theatre, although it is a prize you can afford if you don't want to sit far away from the theatre.

Sitting in the first half of the Central Band (row A-K) is the most costly seat in the club. The next is the L-S series of the Central Band, followed by the side and last seat of the Central Orchestras. Dress Circle is the first raised part of the Hudson Theatre.

Distributed over 10 lines, from line A to line J, the clothing group has a seating for 254 people. Dresscircle is further subdivided into three lengthwise slices - the middle, lefthand and right Dresscircle. Wardrobe circuit on the lefthand side - The seat circles on the hind side are distributed over 10 lines (A to J) and oddly numerated.

The seating starts at 1 and ends at 17 and goes from the corridor to the outside. Centre Dresscircle - The Centre Dresscircle seating is divided into 10 row (A to J). The seating starts at 101 and ends at 114, from right to that. The right garment circles are divided over 10 lines (A to J) and are evenly numbers.

The seating starts at 2am and ends at 6pm and moves outwards from the corridor. Dresscircle is what one would generally call the Broadway term Broadway style or style. As the first raised section, the front row seating in the centre district is one of the best and offers the most breathtaking view.

If you see a large individual sitting in front of you, the incline of the cause will help and give you an unobstructed vision. That is why clothes are definitely among the best in the home.

Middle and first half seat are the most expensive clothes cycle seat. So as you move further back and to the sides, the price drops, with the back gown circular seat on the sides, which are the lowest. It is the second raised part of the Hudson Theatre. Distributed over 8 lines, from line A to line B, the terrace is almost as large as the clothing circuit with a seating for 240.

There are three main areas on the balconies - the middle, the right and the lefthand circles. Lefthand balconies - The left-hand balconies are distributed over 8 lines (A to H) and are uneven in number. Sitting starts at 1 and ends at 19 and goes from the corridor to the outside.

Central balconies - The central terrace seating is divided into 8 row (A to H). The seating starts at 101 and ends at 114, from right to that. The right balconies are divided over 8 lines (A to H) and are evenly grouped. Sitting starts at 2 and ends at 20 and moves outwards from the gang.

Apparently, the most distant places from the platform are the balconies. Although the seating in the band and in the clothing circles offers much better seating possibilities, it is not so difficult to sit on the balc. Hudson Theatre is one of the smaller theatres on Broadway, so you sit everywhere, you just get very near the play.

As the section farthest away from the platform, the places on the balconies are the most convenient places in the theatre. The prizes of the first series of the balconies are similar to the mid and last series of the wardrobe orchestras. When you are on a budget, then you should look for getting fits in the center rows of the clothing circle. If you are on a budgets search for getting fits in the center rows then...

And if not, the places in the first few lines of the balconies are the same and provide a very good price-performance ratio. It is therefore recommended to have your beverage at the drinks stand, as it can be a problem and a job to prevent spills inside the Theatre. Sardi's - One of the oldest in Broadway, Sardi's is also one of the most famous in the theatre area.

Situated in the theatre district, Daniel Boulud's Moderne offers contemporary gastronomic delights with a hint of America. If you are looking for more possibilities, have a look at our detailed gastronomy tour in the theatre district. Like most theaters on Broadway, the Hudson Theatre is near Times Square and is very easily accessible.

There is plenty of car park space near the theatre on 139-141W44th Street. Visit Iconparking next to the theatre for easy park. So, you have it, a thorough and comprehensive Hudson Theatre seating plan and a tutorial on how to get the best places in the Hudson Theatre.

Here comes the most important part - how to get the best seating at an unrivalled cost. Pick your show, sit down and come to the theatre on the exciting days. Meanwhile, a headout agent will take charge of the footwork and see you at the theatre before your show to personally give you your ticket.

Have you got any further question about the Hudson Theatre seating plan? Would you like to know more about a particular seat?

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