Hudson Temperature

H Hudson Temperature

Daily temperature, water, degrees Celsius. The Hudson Bay has a severe continental climate. Seawater temperature forecast and historical data for Hudson. The air temperature not only tells us how warm or cool it is on the day of sampling. Ice bear migrates on newly formed ice in Hudson Bay in early November.


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Thanks for calling this in. We' ll check the relevant information. They' re going to call in this meteorological office for poor readings. The temperature today is predicted to be almost the same as that predicted the previous day. Wind easy and flexible. Wind easy and flexible. Wind SSE at 10 to 15 km/h.

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from March 2002 to the present year.

from March 2002 to the present year. Surveys conducted every day since May 1992. Watermarkers and sound speed meters. Before September 2012, the unloading was calculated with an upward sound speedometer. As of September 2012, the runoff is calculated with a lateral sound speedometer. Spaces in the output table July to October 2002 and July to October 2007 are the results of the impairment of the speed measurement by the saline front.

Any other spaces in the unloading table are due to an interrupt in the recording. Before October 2002, the height was released as max, min and mean. Spaces in height charts are the results of only one high or low level during a single recording session or an outage. Max. outflow, 240,000 f³/s, 29 August 2011; Max. altitude plotted, 9.54 f, 29 October 2012, but possibly higher during the time of equipment failure, external altitude was 9.28 f, of flood marks; Min. outflow, -24,900 f³/s, 14 October 2003, but possibly lower during the time of lack of recording; Min. altitude, -4.38 f, 14 March, 15, 1993.

TEMPERATURE OF WATER: May 1992 to the present year. Temperatures before 1 October 2007, adjusted to 0,5 °C. The failure of the recorder was due to a failure of the recorder. SPECIAL CONDUCTIVITY: Maximum, 2,900 ìS/cm at 25 C, September 8, 2002; MIN, 96 ìS/cm at 25 C, January 30, 1995.

WEATHER TEMPERATURE: Before October 1, 2007--Maximum, 29.0 degrees Celsius, August 14, 2005; Low, 0.0 degrees Celsius on many dates in winters, except 2002. WEATHER TEMPERATURE: After October 1, 2007--Maximum, 28.6 degrees Celsius, August 13, August 14, 2016; Low, -0.2 degrees Celsius, February 6, February 7, 2010, several dates in February 2011 and 2014 winters.

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