Hudson Station Nyc

Nyc Hudson Station

at Hudson Station, New York, New York. Booking now with Hudson Station in New York, NY. You can order online from Hudson Station in New York! Find directions, reviews and information about Hudson Station in New York, NY. Located in the heart of New York City, the gentle drinker will appreciate the reserved atmosphere of Hudson Station.

NYC Hudson Railway Station

Where' s Hudson Station? When should I come? Yes, the location carries out the cloakroom (additional charge of $5) and is not liable for any objects abandoned or wasted. No, there is an extremly restricted number of admission cards to provide a convenient, entertaining and secure location within the event site that complies with all specified fire safety regulations.

The rates are staggered and should rise quickly and without forewarning. The event location is sold out. Let us chatt, mail the hosting directly via the on this page adress. Is it possible for our group to buy more cylinders when we are at the event location? However, the costs are fixed by the location of the event and are not contained in the fare.

If I buy a GA travelcard and all my buddies have complimentary travel passes, what happens? It is open to everyone, but they are personal in the way that not only everyone can come to your desk and drink from your bottle(s) (if you ever have a problem, just ask the safety person for help politely).

Usually we suggest that a group of 10 persons, which has a relationship of 50/50, buy 6 persons V.I.P. and 4 persons GA. In this way you get the advantages of the dinner plate (with 3 vodka, 2 champagne), but you can also distribute the costs among the group. There is a min. number of participants for a DREI V.I.P. dinner party (3).

If we don't all buy them in one order at the same moment, how will you know how many folks have purchased them? Once you buy a V.I.P. pass, we will contact you to find out if A) you are the leader purchaser at a new seat or B) you are sitting at an already seated seat, telling us the "lead name" of your seat.

"The" leads name" on the board is the FIRST and LAST name of the individual who either purchased the first V.I.P. tickets for that particular boarding pass or who was called the" leads name". Upon arrival at the event location (we recommend that you travel as a group, although this is not absolutely necessary), you will be guided by a guide to your desired dinner under the " Leader Name ".

Do I need my entire party of tables to arrive at the same hour? When you arrive, just give the "lead name" of the group of tables to the guest - he will guide you to your game. As soon as a debit and ID are provided by the event location, you can begin to drink the amount of liquor allocated to your desk - these will only be kept for the indicated tips ($30/bottle).

Either waiting for the name of your desk to arrive - or someone else can enter their cc and ID. What about the extra tip on the cylinders? For every container used by a restaurant during the show, the location must calculate an extra tip. These costs are NOT contained in the fare.

There will be no serving of cylinders unless a current driver's licence (or other official ID) and a debit cardholder are handed over to your hosting or hosting company. BE PREPARED FOR THE EXTRA $30 IN TIPS PER FLASK. "I DIDN'T I KNOW THERE WERE TIPS," THE EVENING OF THE SHOW WILL ONLY GIVE YOU A SORE THROAT.

Must we get all the flasks we're entitled to? No, you can stop the bottling services whenever you want and you are NOT liable to pay tips for those cylinders that you are not used to.

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