Hudson Shopping Mall

The Hudson Shopping Mall

Highhland Commons - 15 photos - malls - 212 Coolidge St, Hudson, MA Favourite place for food shopping (BJ's, Market Basket), DIY (Lowe's), sports goods (Cabela's) and home textiles (TJMax, BB&B, Eddie Bauer, Michael's). BJ's natural gas label stands in front of an empty Berlin offices until 495. It is very impractical to enter and exit a particular mall.

The Highland Commons is a newer shopping mall in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts on the I-495, near the I-290, about 30 mins from Worcester and one hr from Boston. Situated on a large, spacious plot of ground that was initially intended to be another of these "lifestyle" centres, but will work well for both Hudson and Berlin.

Anyway, I always enjoyed organizing things in a certain way, and when I first visited this mall, it caused a lot of problems. Hudson and Berlin are half way to the square, with half of the shops in Berlin and the other half in Hudson.

The irony is that Cabela's is half in Hudson and half in Berlin! It is important that you use "212 Coolidge Street, Hudson MA 01749" as the adress, otherwise the right adress for every single shop could be (and probably will be) incorrect. There are several parts of the shopping centre and now that it is almost finished there are many batches and batches and many shops.

Cabelas is off in his own country (the first in the state of Massachusetts!), Michaels, BB&B, Petsmart and some other stores are off to another side, BJ is way up and over on it's own country, another small place with the 110 Grill, Sports Clips, Citizens Bank, Sprint and some other unthinkable places are on another Ministrip of the stores, and then the longest stripe on the Hudson side of the centre will include the majority one of the stores:

The shops are light, shiny and new, and the car park has a beautiful lay-out and all the round-abouts help to calm down the noise, even though this area is generally not very crowded. Hudson needed something like this before they were out in the lefthand box without much in the city in general, and now this centre has provided lots of vacancies and storage for residentsĀ in the area.

Genuine shopping mall for almost everything you could need. Leave I-495 when you take Route 62 to Hudson (forget the number of the exit).

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