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This is Hudson Scenic Studio, Yonkers, New York. Hudson Scenic Studio staff reviews Hudson Scenic studio culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Hudson Scenic Studio building some of the world's best and largest cinema kits

The genius fulfils three desires in the Broadway song "Aladdin", but a great deal happens behind the curtains before the genius' magical powers come to the theater. Disney Theatricals, the show's executive director, looks at Hudson Scenic Studio to fulfill his desires. "Most things in show business," said co-founder and chairman of Hudson Scenic Studio.

"Broadway shows in particular are all just a dream, and turning them into real life is a big dare and really fulfilling." That'?s what happens here at Hudson Scenic in Yonkers, New York. They' re building kits, the Broadway games and musical infrastructures and almost any other attractions you can think of. Scene designer create their dream, but it's up to Neil Mazella and his staff to find out how it all works and then construct it bit by bit.

"So, if they want something to hover in the air, we'll find a way to let it hover in the air, whether with the new tech or a new look or an old magical knack with a small hovering arm," said Associate Technical Supervisor John McPherson. So McPherson has worked on several Aladdin kits.

During our last studio trip we took a look at the latest design being constructed for London's West End. "It is the primary hoist that will be in the cellar of the theatre, bringing up the marvelous staircase cave," McPherson said. "That' s the bearer of Jason's balkony for one of the icons in Aladdin," McPherson said.

"and then the wearer himself is fastened to a string that is fastened to a engine and then moved within the scenery automatically." "Carpenters, fitters, electricians, and in today's modern day life, movement controller experts, draftsmen, engineers," said Chairman Mazella.

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