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How do folks feel about running the Hudson City Savings Bank? Discontinued as Bank 12/16 amalgamated with M&T Bank. Exceptional managment and surroundings to drive your careers forward. Which are the best offices and positions at Hudson City Savings Bank? How do the staff view Hudson City Savings Bank's corporate identity and work-life equilibrium?

It was a pleasure working and hiring at Hudson City Savings Bank. It was a great event and the team work was obvious.

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The NYCB - Career

Founded on April 14, 1959 in the town of Flushing, Queens County Savings Bank was the first New York State savings bank in Queens. Up until then, people had to go to Manhattan to do their bank business. It was therefore with great pleasure and satisfaction that the first bank in the district was opened.

Whereas the bank grew here and there in the following few years, its greatest expansion took place in the recent past. Anticipating the expansion of its business through the first of several fusions, the bank renamed itself New York on 21 November 2000. To do justice to its legacy as a Queens-based bank, the joint bank will continue to run its branch offices under its former name Queens County Savings Bank.

Roslyn Savings Bank, a member of the NYCB Family of Banks since October 31, 2003, was founded in 1875 as the first Nassau County-based bank whose founder envisioned a bank that would offer the island's inhabitants a secure place for their savings and funding to buy or construct houses.

Today Roslyn Savings Bank also provides services to companies and customers in Nassau and Suffolk County through well-located branches. Richmond County Savings Bank joined the bank family on 31 July 2001. It was the third oldest of our division with origins dating back to 1886, when the bank was founded to provide services to those who live and work on Staten Island, less than a year later when it took out its first mortgages.

Today, almost every road on Staten Island has at least one house that has been funded by Richmond County Savings Bank. The Roosevelt Savings Bank was founded in 1895 in Brooklyn under the name "Eastern District Savings Bank". The bank was renamed in 1920 in honour of the nation's twenty-sixth chairman, Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt Savings Bank and Roslyn Bancorp joined in 1999 and NYCB in October 2003. Today, Roosevelt Sparkasse is a member of the NYCB Family of Banks and looks after its clients through its Brooklyn branch offices. Visit us in the city and on NYCB Live - home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the Cradle of Aviation Museum and the NYCB Theatre in Westbury.

We are proud to be NYCB in New York. The Garden State Community Bank has been a member of the NYCB Family of Banks since March 2008, when we merged all offices of four smaller New Jersey-based departments - First Savings Bank of New Jersey, Ironbound Bank, Penn Federal Savings Bank and Synergy Bank - into a unified department with a closely related name.

Through the combination of the strength of these four domestic institutions with the strength of our own, we have created a Garden State Community Bank that provides more goods and service and cheaper location than any of these as such. Today we service our clients from offices in Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Union Counties, most of which opened their gates almost 14 years ago.

Be it delivering outstanding services in our offices, helping community groups by sponsoring education for college and senior citizens, or working with our clients and neighbours to increase consciousness and make a real impact in the battle against cancers, in New Jersey you know us as the Garden State Community Bank and we pride ourselves on being NYCB.

The Ohio Savings Bank is one of the latest expansions of a prestigious bank group that has been servicing clients and municipalities for more than 156 years. Founded in 1889 as Ohio Savings Home Loan and Building Co., the bank's original growth was restricted to Ohio until it opened its first Florida office in 1989.

Seven years later, it was renamed AMTrust Bank. AmTrust Bank became the youngest member of our bank line on 4 December 2009, the first of our business areas to look after clients in non-contiguous countries. We decided four month later to take our ancestor to task by running our 28 Ohio branch offices under a more appropriate name: Ohio Savings Bank.

In addition, we work with a number of organizations that help people in need, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ohio, Harvest for Hunger, the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope and others. Contributing to making our fellowship better makes us proud to be NYCB. The AmTrust Bank is one of the youngest members of a prestigious bank group that has been looking after clients and municipalities for more than 156 years.

The Ohio Savings Bank opened the first of its offices on the southern Florida coastline in the end of the 1980' under the name AmTrust Bank. Today we are located in Sunshine State with offices from Miami to Port St. Lucie on the eastern and Naples/Estero on the westeas.

Search for AmTrust in your church and help raise the level of alphabetism, donate aid for the start of primary education, collect Toys-For-Tots and at American Cancer Society meetings. NYCB is proud to be part of the Fellowship in sunshine Florida! The AmTrust Bank is one of the youngest members of a prestigious bank group that has been looking after clients and municipalities for more than 156 years.

The Ohio Savings Bank opened the first of its offices on the southern coast of Florida in the 1980s under the name AmTrust Bank. She moved to Arizona eleven years later and in December 2009 Ohio Savings Bank and AmTrust Bank became part of the NYCB Family of Banks. We further extended our business in Grand Canyon State with the takeover of Dessert Hills Bank.

We have a relationship that extends beyond our clients and affiliates to the fellowship where we help young executives in their work, sponsoring the "Caring Kid" of ABC15, a party for Arizona's young people that has a beneficial influence on their community, and working with Phoenix Children's Hospital. We in Arizona are proud to be NYCB by assisting and sponsoring a family.

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