Hudson's Venue & Restaurant

The Hudson's Venue & Restaurant

A dream location for weddings, ceremonies, year-end parties, picnics and other events. One beautiful day in May, professional paragliders Leandra & Ruard made their biggest jump so far when they said "I do" at Hudson's! The State Park on the banks of the Hudson near the Statue of Liberty. You can read customer reviews and reserve Hudson's yacht directly. There are many other venues in the same area.

Royal The Hudson | Wichita wedding reception & event room

The Hudson For Your Wedding Even. We have the perfect venue for your weddings, company events and more. Hudson is dedicated to offering a truly memorable adventure for your events. Hudson is a world-class venue for your next weddings, families or business events in Wichita, Kansas.

Our mission is to offer you a truly unforgettable adventure for your party. If you use our room, your weddings will certainly be one of the most unforgettable occasions. But, see, we are more than just an institution where meeting places, we do not only gather for weddings, but also for company parties, arts parties, concerts, weddings and all kinds of families and specials.

When you are looking for a location for your honeymoon, you have found Wichita's fine. The Hudson is your place if you are looking for a place to hold your marriage celebration or any other kind of events. When your company needs a place where you can value your staff or customers, let us service your company events in the classical way that will delight you.

We' re more than just a bridal location, but also a room suitable for all kinds of event. While we believe a place should be free of distraction, it should be welcoming enough to host one of life's greatest celebrations. In the Hudson, the humans are the most important part of why we are here.

Find out more about weddings, company meetings and other events at the Hudson. Plan a tour of our premises for your next events, weddings reception or company outing. "The Hudson is already receiving enthusiastic critics as the most important venue in Wichita. It is a wonderful and singular place in the centre of Wichita.

Lots of room for large and small functions for your private or smallmeeting. It' s hard to imagine organising another meeting here! It' like a venue you'd find in Chicago or Nashville. I would definitely vote this about whereabouts or other locations I have been too local.

An additional benefit was the use of the car park for the events! It is an astonishing venue and provides an atmosphere not found in other institutions in Wichita. Hudson (venue and team) was able to easily host our 250 people. But Jessie and the Hudson crew went beyond what we could have anticipated for our celeb.

She made sure we had everything we needed for a succesful meeting, and where we were not getting enough, she was more than enthusiastic to help. This degree of attention to our needs is unprecedented in my expertise in scheduling meetings and marriages. The Hudson is an memorable customer service for you.

Bookin' the Hudson before the building really started should have been exhaustin' for a bride, right? The venue is not only nice, but also the personnel is outside this area. She was always there to help me with my queries and give me tips on the marriage when I needed them. Your salesman' s listing is great and we can't get enough of our dreams of a Hudson marriage.

Me and my man had the joy of being the FIRST marriage at the Hudson! ROOM is Lovely and we felt like in a sleep. We' re so glad we remembered this place and that it's here in Wichita. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to ensure our venue for your ideal marriage, your welcome or any kind of celebration you can have.

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