Hudson River View Real Estate

Huderson River View property

Stuyvesant Landing Compound with Hudson River View. Looking for free homes for sale in Hudson River Views, NY. Property is an investment. EDGEWATERView Listings - HOBOKENView Listings - JERSEY CITYView Listings. You can visit Ellis Sotheby's International Realty and see Nyack houses for sale.

Huderson Valley property in Germantown, NY

Tailor-made home with stunning view of Hudson River & Catskill Mountain in a tranquil cul-de-sac in Germantown. The 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home has a large living room with a row of windowed windows facing east and south. It has been conceived to allow you to admire the river from each of the 3 rooms.

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Stuyvesant Landing Compound with view of the Hudson River

Situated high above the Hudson River on 2.5 acre, this magnificent complex consists of a completely refurbished master villa, an independent holiday home/guesthouse and a dedicated studio/workshop with spectacular view of the riverbed. Move in state with many well thought-out upgrades, incl. new kitchen and bathrooms, plank floors, centrally located ventilation, firewood and details of workmanship.

Heny Hudson knew a good view when he saw one, which is why he ended up right down the street the crescent moon.

Heny Hudson knew a good view when he saw one, which is why he ended up right down the street the crescent moon. Dynamical, lively perspectives that are changing with every second. Three-bedroom, one bathroom with one of the best view you've ever had. Licenced Real Estate Brokerage in NY and MA.

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