Hudson River Valley Workshops

The Hudson River Valley Workshops

I have the honor of being taught at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in Greenville, NY this year. The Hudson River Valley Workshops address: Newest tweets from HRV Art Workshops (@HudsonRiverArt). Another six months until I come to Albany NY to teach at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Browse our free database for email addresses and direct elections for Hudson River Valley Art Workshop staff.

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Kim's classes focus on fast and accurate drawing, a skills that can be useful in many different contexts. Your day-to-day presentations, reviews and discussions are designed to achieve a natural but managed outcome, the catch-all of this. Theme is the dressed character in the countryside.

There is a $74 charge for this class and it is used every single workday.

Watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel painting, fibre painting and drawings and art galleries.

Quilter's Quest Store Hop: This is an annual quest with a number of affiliate stores in our area. Situated in the rural city of Ravena, just 15 min from our guesthouse, this beautiful little store opens a fantastic boutique in our guesthouse during the arts workshops.

This is another great cloth store in our area, which is often the goal of an "excursion" during our workshops. It' definitely a journey away. For Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, see pages 148 - 149 in Lisa Kasanicky's Complete Idiot's Guide to Girlfriend Getaways (2009).

The Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, 2018

I' m happy to inform you that I was asked to give lessons at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in the Catskills Mountains of Upstate New York. In 1889 the organiser Kim LaPolla provides an ideal, private atmosphere for these one-week workshops at the Green Arms 1889. I' m going to offer my photo-/design-/quilt-workshop, in which we will examine the relationship between composing, as reflected in photos, and translating these aspects into composite quilt-designs.

We' ll practice the gesture approach in the piece through a range of photographic tutorials and then choose from your pictures to create a pictorial quiltdesign. We will then use a demonstration material demonstration procedure to explore how different material selections add to the overall appearance and makeup of a Quilt.

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