Hudson River Valley Sites

The Hudson River Valley Locations

Hudson River Valley Landmarks: Registered as a National Historic Site, the house hosts numerous exhibitions, lectures on the Hudson River School and other programs. and a visitor on the grounds of the Olana State Historic Site. Situated in the Hudson River Valley, in the city of Hyde Park, the famous Culinary Institute of America has several local restaurants. The breeders at Liberty View are dedicated to sustainable agriculture in the breathtaking hills and valleys of the Hudson Valley.

Student wins excursions to the valleys pages for'Writing About Place'.

A number of native college kids have put into words what the Hudson Valley means to them and have won journeys to some of these unique places. Teaching the Hudson Valley proclaimed the winner of the Hudson Valley's 2009 edition of the Hudson Valley Competition, in which college graduates entered essay and poetry about places in the Hudson Valley.

Your class receives travels to the places they have written about. I' m Alice Rosi-Marshall, a student at Millbrook High School. In" Stone Faced" she introduced herself as the sculpture of" Barefoot Kate" in the garden of the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site. The poetry was written by Millbrook High School English language instructor Maureen Ackerman together with works by other schoolchildren.

Second grade English as a new language, introduced by Sucheta Baichwal and Lily Cheung at Overlook Primary Schule, won the primary education journey with sketches and research on wildlife awaiting them at the Bear Mountain State Park Animal Park Theatre. Three- or more panellists are reading each student's work in search of "the incantation of the place, a vivid tone and command of convictions that correspond to the age and evolution of the students".

Readership includes the Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College, the Hudson River Estuary Program of the NYS DEC, the Putnam Museum, the Vassar Barns Environment Cooperative and Hudson Valley Teaching. "The connection of young populations with parklands, historical places and other important places is crucial to maintaining the historical awareness of our land and the protection of its miracles of nature," said Larry Turk, Super Chief Executive of the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt-Van Buren National Historic Site, in the press communiqué.

Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area 11 County is open to Writing about Place classes for individuals and schoolchildren. The Hudson Valley will publish the students' poetry and essay on its own blogs.

The Hudson River Locations

Fortress diorama in the Bärenberg Zoo Museum. The Bear Mountain and Anthony's Nose across the stream. In 1777 an steel string was spanned across the stream, just to the south of the viaduct. Redoubt overlooking the Hudson Rivier. Bear Mountain Brigde seen from the fortress. It' only upstream from Clinton.

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