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Eastward of the Hudson River:. Hudson Valley Realty, LLC. Placed by HOUSE Hudson Valley Realty. Explore distinctive Hudson Valley properties, real estate and houses for sale. Striking houses in the Hudson Valley at Christie's International Real Estate.

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If urbanites are looking for a second home in the Hudson River Valley or the Catskills, estate agencies say everyone is looking for the same ideal: an old home with personality, in a confortable location, on a peaceful plot of land away from the street and some way from the neighbours, preferentially near a river, stream or pond, not to speak of a sweet New York City town within two and a half hour from New York Central - and it must have a breathtaking cityview.

Good tidings for shoppers are that there are many more houses on the open air property markets across the Hudson Valley than in recent years, and vendors are beginning to value their property more reasonably, say estate agents. It is the worst thing that even purchasers with a million US Dollar to pay often have to compromise on the villa of their dream, because the Netherlands colonists who constructed these eighteenth c. farm houses tend to place them near the street, or their plans are not to the taste of the twenty-first centu.

However, with so many more houses to consider - in some areas, almost twice as many deals on the store in comparison to 18 month ago - shoppers are more likely to have fulfilled most of their criterias, and can take their sweetheart' s leisure without having to worry that the price will rise or a good home will be ripped open in a few short hours.

According to Roderic H. Blackburn, proprietor of real estate agent R.H. Blackburn & Associates (b6. com) in Hudson, N. Y., it is more that asking prices have fallen; the average retail price for Columbia County rose 9 per cent from April 2005 to April 2006. During the Hudson Valley there are many more houses available in the $250,000 to $350,000 range, which meets many of the fundamental criterions of second home customers, means say, especially if you are willing to ride two and a half to three hrs from New York City (as opposed to limiting your pendulum to a two-hour limit).

Of $500,000 to $1 million or more, you can get quite near to this perfect estate, either an old cottage that has already been refurbished, or a later home that' s styled to look great while fulfilling present wishes for things like high blankets, a large open plan kitchen and a main bedroom and a first fl. one.

Shoppers with a low cost will be delighted to find that it is possible to find a humble second home for $150,000 to $250,000, especially if you are ready to go exploring areas like Sullivan, Delaware and Greene Counties. The Hudson River Valley and how far it stretches eastwards or westwards is to some extent controversial.

However, from a real estate viewpoint, second home shoppers buying on the western side of the river continue to the Catskills and explore Sullivan County on the Pennsylvania, Delaware County further northwestern and Greene County, located on the river just off Ulster County, the western side of the Hudson.

If you prefer to keep your vehicle in the hinterland, the railway line follows the eastern side of the river, making it easy to get to places like Rhinebeck (in Dutchess County) and Hudson (in Columbia County). However, these railway lines also predominate the riverside promenade, so that on the western side there are more scenic cities such as Saugerties or Catskill.

A further differentiation is the topography: The eastern side is more flat, with more arable land, while the hill and mountain areas just outside Hudson are more outdoor. However, to reduce it to the dominant stereotypes that may have survived its precision, the eastern side is seen as more elevated, the western side as more slack.

"There is a long history of making the eastern side of the river more stylish," Mr. Blackburn admitted. "because the eastern side of the river was divided into large estates by prosperous family. "But he and other operatives say the mindset is shifting, especially as Dutchess County, once dominated by equestrian farming, has evolved.

Said Mary Collins, proprietor of Mary Collins Real Estate ( in High Falls, N.Y.: "Although this message may not hold good for the whole of Ulster County (you may in fact get a big Mac in the area), it is true that you are more likely to guide a dinner through the side of the street rather than a quick snack connection.

This is an outline of the main secondary residences in the Hudson River Valley and the Catskills, which focuses on offering at different rates and general consumer tendencies. The Dutchess Country spreads along the Hudson River from Beacon in the South, home of the Dia:Beacon Museums, to the town of Tivoli in the Northeast and to the Connecticut boarder.

The most important cities are Rhinebeck, Millbrook and Poughkeepsie, and it is home to Bard and Vassar College, as well as large landowners who once owned famous homes such as the Roosevelts and the Vanderbilts. Though Dutchess County's south has become more and more urbanized in recent years, there are still plenty of open spaces, among them rolled fields with typical local reds, well-kept railings and equestrian hoards that dot the skyline as if they were pose for a Landscapes.

"When you' re looking for a rural home with some ambiance, it's quite difficult to find something under half a million bucks, especially if it's a certain age," said Kevin Battistoni, principle agent at the Millbrook branch of Ponvert-Battistoni International Battistoni (

Beautifully renovated homes on more arable land with a "push a million dollars" outlook, Mr. Battistoni said, and added that most second homes are sold in North Dutchess counties and that more shoppers are looking in the north-eastern edge of the shire to get the room and privacy they are looking for. By the end of 2005, Mr Battistoni said, major awards estimated 10 to 20 per cent per annum, a move that has been slowing this year as more listings have come onto the open and customers no longer have to make a hasty decision.

However, homes sell in good shape and at the right price, he said, quoting a one-bedroom, nineteenth-century house that his agency for $160,000 in 2001 that the customers recovered and increased by adding a swimming pool. 2. With Dutchess County pricing rising and land with arable land becoming scarce, purchasers began moving northwards to Columbia County, between the Hudson River and Massachusetts.

North of Albany, about 15 leagues from Albany, the earldom is based in Hudson, a once gloomy city that has been changed over the past ten years by an inrush of antiques shops, furnishing design, arts and restaurant businesses. Hudson's major road is only a few minutes' walk from the railway yard, so weekend excursionists who choose to stay in a building "in the city" do not necessarily have to own a vehicle or can drop one off at the railway yard.

Columbia County is easy to reach for those who ski via the Taconic State Parkway, and it is near the Berkshires and for skiers in Vermont. At Stuyvesant, just south of Hudson, he acquired a farm house from the seventeenth cent. 2001, when he acquired it, it was "uninhabitable" and is still under construction.

Beyond these top cities, if your budgets are low, "you can still buy a respectable home in Greene County for $150,000," said Mr. Freed of the Kinderhook Group. However, this does not mean that everything is so cheap in the woody Greene County countryside, especially if you want to be near the Hunter or Windham skiing areas or are looking for a classical old cottage.

Formerly regarded as the poorest Dutchess County co-owner, Ulster County now has its own seal of approval and is even regarded as too expensive for some shoppers who are willing to keep driving to find a cottage that suits their dreams. This said, awards have levelled off in Ulster County as they have elsewhere, and there are many more houses for sale than there were a year ago.

Prior to that year, Ms. Lonergan said, there were very few houses available in the Woodstock area for $250,000 to $350,000; most commerce was done in the $350,000 to $500,000 range. 3. Shoppers dumping over $500,000 can get more land on ( (5 to 10 acres) in a privately owned setup, beautiful done refurbishment, maybe in a gym or indoor swimming-pool and be near waters or at least have a view,shed her.

Though the artful Woodstock area is the most sought after area for weekend excursionists in North Ulster County, more crowds are moving to Phoenicia, an up-and-coming city to the east of Woodstock, or Saugerties, a centre for antiques enthusiasts along the Hudson River. Further southwards Hurley, High Falls and Ston Ridge are a mixture of Flemish stonehouses, Victorians, old farm houses and newer outbuildings.

Mrs Collins, of Mary Collins Real Estate, said purchasers who could afford to pay less than half a million US dollar could "have a selection of very nice properties" by referring to an old cottage near Stone Ridge that had been fully refurbished for 460,000 US dollar. When you are really on a budget, but still want a home with some letter that has room for kids and guests, let alone a respectable sized lots in a remote location, consider extending your quest to Sullivan and Delaware counties.

Sullivan County is bounded on its western side by the Delaware River and encompasses the Monticello Raceway and the city of Bethel, where the Woodstock International is located. "but now it comes back," said Ms. Collins. Further north, cities like Andes and Margaretville have also drawn many second home shoppers, especially those who think they are praised from Ulster.

A New Yorker who extended his range and bought a two-bedroom booth on the side of a hillside outside Livingston Manor (in Sullivan County) for less than $100,000 in 2005. Overlooking a valley in the Catskills, the property was in the catchment state with beautiful hard wood flooring and had the right to use a near-see.

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